Sentence Completion MCQs

  1. Choose the word that best completes the sentence: “She felt a sense of ______ when she received the award.”
    a. Ambiguity
    b. Confusion
    c. Accomplishment
    d. Disarray
  2. Select the appropriate word to fill in the blank: “The detective carefully examined the _____ left at the crime scene.”
    a. Puzzle
    b. Clues
    c. Mystery
    d. Enigma
  3. The professor’s lectures were so __________ that even the students with no background in the subject could understand.”
    a. Inscrutable
    b. Accessible
    c. Complex
    d. Ambiguous
  4. “The concert was so loud that it left my ears __________.”
    a. Ringing
    b. Tingling
    c. Aching
    d. Buzzing
  5. Complete the sentence: “The decision to postpone the meeting was made in light of the ongoing ________.”
    a. Debacle
    b. Conflict
    c. Pandemic
    d. Conundrum
  6. “Despite the challenges, the team managed to _________ the project successfully.”
    a. Initiate
    b. Conclude
    c. Hinder
    d. Ponder
  7. “His unexpected kindness left her feeling pleasantly __________.”
    a. Apprehensive
    b. Jittery
    c. Gratified
    d. Pensive
  8. Choose the word that fits in the blank: “The path to success is often paved with hard work and ________.”
    a. Contemplation
    b. Indolence
    c. Perseverance
    d. Hesitation
  9. Select the most appropriate word to complete the sentence: “The old book had a ________ aroma, reminiscent of a bygone era.”
    a. Pungent
    b. Foul
    c. Musty
    d. Fragrant
  10. “The chef’s special dish was a delightful __________ of flavors.”
    a. Concoction
    b. Assortment
    c. Fusion
    d. Medley
  11. “Her sudden disappearance left a sense of __________ in the community.”
    a. Equanimity
    b. Disquiet
    c. Composure
    d. Serenity
  12. Choose the word that best completes the sentence: “The company’s new policy aims to promote __________ and equality in the workplace.”
    a. Disparity
    b. Partiality
    c. Fairness
    d. Discrimination
  13. “The unexpected turn of events added a touch of __________ to the otherwise mundane day.”
    a. Banality
    b. Monotony
    c. Excitement
    d. Tediousness
  14. Complete the sentence: “The teacher’s instructions were so __________ that even the youngest students could follow them.”
    a. Complicated
    b. Incomprehensible
    c. Clear-cut
    d. Ambiguous
  15. “The magician’s performance was so __________ that the audience was left in awe.”
    a. Mundane
    b. Spellbinding
    c. Routine
    d. Unremarkable
  16. Select the appropriate word to fill in the blank: “The young artist’s paintings were a true __________ of creativity.”
    a. Imitation
    b. Replication
    c. Manifestation
    d. Facsimile
  17. “The unexpected news cast a shadow of __________ over the joyous occasion.”
    a. Elation
    b. Jubilation
    c. Gloom
    d. Exuberance
  18. “His constant __________ made it difficult for others to trust his intentions.”
    a. Candor
    b. Deception
    c. Veracity
    d. Authenticity
  19. Choose the word that best completes the sentence: “The comedian’s jokes were met with ________ laughter from the audience.”
    a. Hysterical
    b. Polite
    c. Resounding
    d. Nervous
  20. “The company’s commitment to environmental sustainability is __________ in its practices.”
    a. Ephemeral
    b. Transient
    c. Evident
    d. Fleeting
  21. Complete the sentence: “The project’s success was a testament to the team’s __________ and dedication.”
    a. Apathy
    b. Indifference
    c. Tenacity
    d. Nonchalance
  22. Choose the word that fits in the blank: “The old castle had an air of __________, as if it held secrets from centuries past.”
    a. Novelty
    b. Modernity
    c. Mystery
    d. Innovation
  23. “The unexpected discovery added a touch of __________ to the scientific community.”
    a. Predictability
    b. Serendipity
    c. Certainty
    d. Predestination
  24. Select the most appropriate word to complete the sentence: “His unassuming demeanor concealed a wealth of __________ knowledge.”
    a. Mundane
    b. Trivial
    c. Esoteric
    d. Banal
  25. “The speaker’s __________ voice captivated the audience throughout the entire presentation.”
    a. Monotonous
    b. Drab
    c. Resonant
    d. Lackluster
  26. “The athlete’s remarkable comeback was a tale of __________ and determination.”
    a. Surrender
    b. Resignation
    c. Resilience
    d. Defeat
  27. Choose the word that best completes the sentence: “The architect’s design was characterized by its __________ and modern aesthetic.”
    a. Ornate
    b. Sleek
    c. Elaborate
    d. Intricate
  28. “Her decision to pursue further studies was a clear indication of her __________ for knowledge.”
    a. Aversion
    b. Thirst
    c. Repulsion
    d. Disgust
  29. Complete the sentence: “The negotiations reached a __________ as both parties failed to find a middle ground.”
    a. Standoff
    b. Compromise
    c. Stalemate
    d. Resolution
  30. “The poet’s verses were a poignant __________ of love and loss.”
    a. Reflection
    b. Exploration
    c. Manifestation
    d. Connotation