Political Science Solved MCQs with answers in PDF

Political Science Solved MCQs with answers in PDF.

Select the date when the Soviet Union was diffuse in:

(a). 1991
(b). 1990
(c). 1989
(d). 1992

Answer: 1991

Select the first president of the Fifth self-government was:

(a). General DeGaulle
(c). Chirac
(d). None of these

Answer: General DeGaulle

Select the author of “An essay concerning Human Understanding”

(a) John Locke
(b) Thomas Hobbes
(c) J. J. Rousseau
(d) None of these

Answer: John Locke

The father had organized lawful for his son but the son had no tendency towards that. Who was the son?

(a) Machiavelli
(c) John Locke
(d) None of these

Answer: None of these

Select the number of volumes of this book “The spirit of Law” which is divisible into six parts;

(a) 31
(b) 30
(c) 32
(d) None of these

Answer: None of these

Who is said “Political Science begins and ends with the state”

(a) Professor Garner
(b) Stephen Leacock
(c) Paul Janet
(d) None of these

Answer: Professor Garner

(5) According to Aristotle which is the bad government of the well off;

(a) Tyranny
(b) Democracy
(c) Oligarchy
(d) None of these

Answer: Oligarchy

Inherent classified as hard and pliable in a book name “Studies in History and Jurisprudence” was the author of :

(a) Gilchrist
(b) Lord Bryce
(c) T. H. Green
(d) None of these

Answer: Lord Bryce

Select the author of “Wealth of Nations”

(a) Adam Smith
(b) Jerry Bentham
(c) John Stuart Mill
(d) None of these

Answer: Adam Smith

Select the original name of Aristotle;

(a) Aristotle
(b) Plato
(c) Machiavelli
(d) None of these

Answer: None of these

Select the name of the book which represents the scheme of Plato‘s Philosophy;

(a) The Politics
(b) The Laws
(c) The Republic
(d) None of these

Answer: The Republic

Select the century in which “Theory of Divine Right of King” was presented by King James of England;

(a) 17th
(b) 16th
(c) 18th
(d) None of these

Answer: 17th

A conversation on the start of imbalance and the social agreement was given out by:

(a) John Locke
(b) Hobbes
(c) Rousseau
(d) None of these

Answer: Rousseau

Sovereignty is which one of the following bases of the condition;

(a) Spiritual
(b) Natural
(c) Physical
(d) None of these

Answer: Spiritual

Select the name of the person who is said “the body of principles recognized and applied by the state in the administration of justice” :

(a) Salmond
(b) Green
(c) Holland
(d) None of these

Answer: Salmond

SElect the American state who is called the mother of Presidents:

(a). Florida
(b). Virginia
(c). Texas
(d).New York

Answer: Virginia

The British charter is based on:

(a). The theory of separation of powers
(b). Difference between the theory and practice
(c). Judicial review
(d). Checks and balances

Answer: Difference between the theory and practice

The Congress area at a place in Washington D.C is known as;

(a).10 Downing Street
(b). White House
(c). Capital Hill
(d). None of these

Answer: Capital Hill

The name of sometimes ruler of Russia was:

(a). Sir
(b). Lord
(c). Czar
(d). King

Answer: Czar

The word ‘REX’ abbreviation of:

(a). The Queen
(b). The Cour
(c). The Crown
(d). The Parliament

Answer: The Crown

The inherent history of France starts with the French rising of:

(a). 1780
(b). 1789
(c). 1786
(d). 189
Answer: 1789

Select the date when the American announcement of Independence was demonstrated on:

(a). 4 July 1772
(b). 4 July 1783
(c). 4 July 1776
(d). None of these

Answer: 4 July 1776

According to the charter of France the administrative head of Government is:

(a). The Prime Minister
(b).e Queen
(c). Th The President
(d). The King

Answer: The President
The word Propaganda obtains disparaging sense:

(a) After World War I
(b) During World War I
(c) Before World War I
(d) None of these

Answer: After World War I

Select the meaning of the word “polis”

(a) A city-state
(b) Form of government
(c) Civilized people
(d) None of these

Answer: A city-state

Select the century In which the Austinian theory of Sovereignty was disprove by Pluralists;

(a) 20th
(b) 19th
(c) 18th
(d) None of these

Answer: 20th

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