Parallel and Distributed Computing – Past Papers 


Spring Semester 2022

Course Title: Parallel and Distributed Computing

Time allowed: 2 hours

Total Marks: 40

Question No.1 [10 Marks]:

a. Define the PRAM Semantics. What are the common protocols used in

PRAM Semantics?

b. Draw a Model showing the data parallel model for parallel computing.

Question No.2 [10 Marks]:

a. Explain Bus-based, multi-stage, and crossbar network topologies.

b. What are the criteria that are used to evaluate the cost and performance of static interconnection networks?

Question No.3 [10 Marks]: Why is it difficult to construct a true shared-memory computer? What is the minimum number of switches for connecting p processors to shared memory with b words (where each word can be accessed


Question No.4 [10 Marks]:

c. What is Multithreading in Java? How can we utilize the concept of multithreading in Parallel Computing also explain the thread life cycle. d. Write a program that will take a random value from the random function and

print the table of the random table by using threads.

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