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MCQS for Chemistry, A-level

MCQS for Chemistry, A-level

In this tutorial, we will cover the MCQs for Chemistry, A-level.

  1. Emits are vomit inducing substances which are added to?
Hydrogenmethylated spiritsgasolineethanol
  1. The blistering form of copper is ____ form?
  1. Sometimes, Brazilians used fuel for their vehicles instead of petrol, the fuel they used is?
alcoholethanolgasolineall of them
  1. Vitamin A is soluble in?
fatswaterBoth A&BNone of these
  1. An Ester completely hydrolyzed when it is refluxed with a/an
basealkaliacidall of them
  1. Vitamin B is soluble in?
waterfatsBoth A&BNone of these
  1. Ethanol is used as
catalystfuelsolventboth Band C
  1. How many types of DNA?
  1. Molecules of alcohol have?
dipole forcesvan der Vaal’s forceshydrogen bondingall of them
  1. The Nucleic acid was first discovered in?

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MCQs for Chemistry, A-level.

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