How to Give an Effective Presentation?

How to Give an Effective Presentation

Presentation is the best way to address people directly to gather ideas and move your project forward. It makes valuable connections. But it is most important that the presentation must be effective in which you can convey your message to the audience.

In this article, we are going to elaborate on some useful techniques you can follow to make your presentation effective and good enough. So, keep reading it.

  1. Know your audience

This is the most important point while presenting your work. You should keep the audience in concern when preparing the presentation. You must know the level, needs, and points of view of your audience. You must predict whether specific jargons and technical terms are suitable to use and how should you explain it to the audience so that they understand it in a better way. For instance, if there is a business conference, you will use professional language in your presentation. Moreover, appealing to emotions is also the best way to inspire and convince your audience.

  1. Stay focused and concentrate on your message

While planning the presentation, always keep a question in your mind: What is the core message I want to convey to my audience? You must be capable to convey that message briefly.

Don’t distract and remain focused and organized so that you can grab the attention of your audience. For this, you can make note cards that must not be more than 10 and write important points on them. Put them in order so they can’t be shuffled around. In this way, there is also no chance to forget and skip anything important.

You should be familiar with projector rental or other equipment so that you can use it to show your presentation to the audience. You can hire an AV technician to make everything accurate and smooth.

  1. Show your passion

To make the presentation effective, you must show your passion and enthusiasm. Connect with your audience and make eye contact. Especially, the beginning must be impressive to keep holding your audience. At the start, entertain them and then come to the point. Remember, words impact a lot. Your words must be worthy and weighty that can compel your audience to convince.

  1. Use visual aids

Visual aids help the audience to understand what a speaker is presenting. As a presenter, it is also easy for you to convey your message properly. To hold the interest of your audience, you can use pictures, cards, or PowerPoint slides.

But remember, the visual aids must be relevant to your subject matter. For example, if there is a Q/A session or any other session where audience participation is mandatory, you can use the Catch box. This is a microphone that will help the audience to participate properly and will also make you able to hold their attention throughout the session.

  1. Tell stories

People like stories and want to listen to the stories of other people. They pay more attention and remember things. If you make your presentation story base, it will be more attractive for the audience and engage them in your presentation. They will remember the key points afterward. So, it is important to make an interesting story regarding your presentation and tell it to the audience with full passion. In this way, you can surely convince them and make your presentation most effective.

  1. Practice your presentation

Practice brings perfection. After writing your script, you must rehearse and practice it many times. Practice will help you to make a flow of your story and also make you able to remember the main points on your fingertips.

For this purpose, you can record audio during practice. Now listen to your voice carefully. If you feel anything awkward, you can improve it like pronunciation, pacing, and intonation. Additionally, check the time and assume how long your presentation will take. This practice will make it perfect to be presented confidently in front of the public.

  1. Use your voice effectively

While presenting your work, your voice should also be effective and powerful that can hold the attention of your audience. It includes your speaking speed, pace, pitch, and accent.  Make your speech perfect and efficient to engage the audience.


In a nutshell, we can state that a good and effective presentation is a big challenge. You have to work hard for it and prepare it properly. If you want to make your presentation most impressive and convince your audience, you can follow these tips. These techniques will make you the best presenter who knows how to grab public attention.


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