Entrepreneurship Past Papers Exam Questions

Guess Paper 1: Entrepreneurship Fall – 2020 Past Papers

Time Allowed: 3 hours

Total Marks:    70, Passing Marks (35)

Q.1                  Differentiate the following…

  1. Entry wedges / Industry analysis
  2. Rivalry between firms / competitor analysis

Q.2      There are emerging fields in entrepreneurship i.e. new knowledge & change in perception.  Expand these concepts.

Q.3      In competitive environment buyer power & supplier power play important role. Discuss.

Q.4      Explain the concept of financing within the resource based framework as an important element or new venture finance.

Q.5      Describe the Macro environment of International Entrepreneurship.

Q.6      Describe the organization boundaries and discuss with the help of real life example?

Q.7      What do we mean by demographics? Discuss in detail.

Q.8      Write short notes on any two of the following…

  1. Risk & uncertainty
  2. Strategy and industry environment
  3. The top management team

Guess Paper 2: Entrepreneurship Spring – 2020 Past Papers

Time Allowed: 3 hours

Total Marks:    70, Passing Marks (35)

Q.1 Explain the following.
a. Define entrepreneurship
b. What is project?
c. How do you increase the value of your customer?
d. Macro environment
e. Industry environment

Q.2 What are dimensions of entrepreneurship? Also elaborate the risk and uncertainty associated with it.

Q.3 Explain the process of environmental analysis in detail.

Q.4 What is industry analysis? Also explain perfect competition model in detail.

Q.5 Explain macro environment of international entrepreneurship in detail.

Q.6 Being an entrepreneur prepare a business plan for your business.

Q.7 Attempt any TWO of the following.
a. Sales forecasting
b. Resource based strategy
c. International organizational behavior.

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