The Longest river in the US

The Longest river in the US

Number 1: Missouri River

Length of Missouri River : 2,341 miles(3,767 km)

Missouri River is the largest river in the United State.This river stretches for 2,341 miles(3,767 km). This river is longer than the Mighty Mississippi’s 2,320 miles (3,730 km). The Mississippi flows in an overall straight path from north to south on the other side Missouri flows in right angle from the west. Missouri river starts from the Rocky Mountains in Western Montana and drains into the Mississippi River. Missouri River is used to channel water for agriculture and the generation of hydroelectric power in the modern US. Missouri River has an abundant marine life such as the paddlefish, channel catfish, pallid sturgeon, sager etc. But the river has also provided an ecosystem for migratory birds, reptiles and small mammals. The river has been subject to pollution from farming-based products such as bug-killing chemicals and chemicals from businesses. These affect the sea/ocean life in the river, whose numbers have been (lowering in number/getting worse) over time.

The Longest river in the US
Figure: The Longest river in the US

Number 2: Mississippi River

Mississippi River is the second largest river in the United State. This river played an important commercial role when the US was constitutionally established. Transportation of products such as petroleum, aluminum, corn, and soybeans was transported on the river, so this river found very useful for the US. This river is also used for agriculture, hydroelectricity, and other purposes. The river has become a destination for industrial pollution, with millions of pounds of poisonous chemicals and chemicals released into the river which endangers sea/ocean life.

Number 3: Yukon River

Yukon River flows for 1,979 miles, and it is shared between the US and Canada. The river flows from the Range Mountains in North of British Columbia and drains into the Bering Sea. The river has a long history used as a very important (driving or flying a vehicle to somewhere/figuring out how to get somewhere) and trade value. Change of climate also affects the life of marine in the river. It is also used as a mining hub for minerals such as zinc and silver.

Number 4: Rio Grande

Rio Grande is the fourth largest river in the US, stretching for 1,759 miles. This river flows from the San Juan Mountains in Colorado to the Gulf of Mexico. This river is used as the border between Texas and Mexico. This community is home to over 500 different species of the animal population such as the American large water-living rodent, desert cottontails, porcupines, and muskrats. The water levels of the river have been decreasing due to increased extraction of its water for irrigation and other uses.