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  1. Neil Armstrong step on the moon ? [Answer is]19692. What is the date of death of Arfa Karim ? [Answer is]14 January 20123. contempt of court on pm gilani ? [Answer is] 13-02-2012
    4. On which date Abbottabad operation was carried out ? [Answer is] 2 May 20115. How many numbers of balls in snooker game ? [Answer is]22

    6. Which is the world expensive city ? [Answer is]Zurich

    7. Where is the dum dum airport ? [Answer is]calcuta

    8. Where World Economic forum  ? [Answer is]Davos

    9. Women protection bill of acid thrown on face passed on13.12.11

    10. which country is the largest producer of coffee ? [Answer is]Brazil

    11. What are G4 countries ? [Answer is]india, brazil, Germany, japan

    12. Pakistan cabinet recognize India as a most favorite nation(MFN)11.1.12

    13. How many deserts are in Punjab ? [Answer is]2

    14. When Dr.Abdulsalam gets a Nobel prize? The answer is]-1979

    15. who added to cricket hall of fame recently? [Answer is]Sunil Gavaskar

    16. What is the date of death of Nusrat Bhutto ? [Answer is] October 23, 2011

    17. When Pakistan joined UNO30sep1947

    18. When IMF was established-1945

    19. Who was the first captain of the Pakistan Cricket team? ? [Answer is]Hafeez Kardar

    20. Savak agency is of which country ? [Answer is] Iran

    21. old anthem belongs to which country ? [Answer is] Japan

    22. When Punjab act ended  ? [Answer is]
    23. When to start inspection of  fasal kharif ? [Answer is] March

    24. When to start inspection of fasal rabi?? [Answer is] October

    25. Which  country officially banned valentine day  ? [Answer is]Uzbekistan

    26. What is the main cause of dengue virus ? [Answer is] female mosquito

    27. last week of September is celebrated for ? [Answer is] valentine week

    28. Who passes the order if the commissioner not available? [Answer is]
    29- Which section of the Punjab land revenue act 1967 deals with boundaries and boundary marks 117-124

    30- Which section of PLR act 1967 deals with the record will be computerized ? [Answer is]-41(1)

    31- Which section of PLR act 1967 deals with RO to summon a person to give evidence22

    32. How many awards 2012 to British singer Adlee-6

    33. usman hijweri ka ye kon sa urs manya gaya?968

    34. When Usama die ? [Answer is].2-5-2011

    35. When NAB founded ? [Answer is]… 16, 1999

    36. Who was the Pakistan president when Pakistan gets freedom ? [Answer is]…-atlee

    37. Which country gets more noble prizes?

    38. Who was the Pakistani officer to help in the Usama case ? [Answer is]Dr.Shakil

    39. What is the date of the Salala Check Post attack ? [Answer is]-26 Nov 2011

    40. M-9 project contract given to which country?Malaysia

    41. institute of cardiology death due to? [Answer is].. isotab

    42. The National Accountability Bureau is a federal executive … It was established on November 16, 1999, with

    43. what is the duration of remand under Nab ? [Answer is]3 0days

    44. Pakistan TV establish 26-11-196

    45.punjab tenancy act passed ? [Answer is] 23 September 1887

    46.blood study is the science of ? [Answer is] hematology.

    47. Stephen hawking age on its birthday 2012? [Answer is]70th

    48. G.C.university on 01.01.2012 ? [Answer is] 151

    49. Which country issue a Nobel prize? ? [Answer is]Sweden

    50. how many Grammy awards 2012 to British singer adele? [Answer is]6

    51.73 football fans killed in which city recently? [Answer is]cairo

    52.azerbijan capital? [Answer is]baku

    53.monte video is capital of ? [Answer is] Uruguay

    54. currency of Sweden? [Answer is]corona

    55.Port of Spain is what ? [Answer is] Trinidad and Tobago

    56.french revolution is on ? [Answer is]1789

    57. parliament of turkey is called? [Answer is].grand national assembly

    58. international day of youth celebrated on? [Answer is]..12 august

    59. the boundary between china and india? [Answer is].MCMohan

    60. SAVAK is the intelligence agency of? [Answer is].Iran

    61. author of gulliver traveler ? [Answer is] Jonathan Swift

    62. who conceived the character of James bond? [Answer is] Ian Fleming

    63. highest military award of britian? [Answer is] Victoria Cross

    64. Which Pakistani woman won Oscar Award ? [Answer is]Sharmin Obaid Chenuy

    65.highest score in one day? [Answer is]443

    66. most land borders with which country? [Answer is].China

    67. Edmund Hillary on Mount Everest on? [Answer is].1953

    68. the first nuclear power plant in which city? [Answer is].Karachi

    69.Which gas used in ballons? [Answer is]….. Hydrogen

    70.Under which section of PLR Act 1967 R.Officer issue summon? [Answer is]. 22

    71.under which section of PLR record will be computerized ? [Answer is]…41a

    72.how many days for appeal before BOR? [Answer is] 90

    73.how many days for appeal before commissioner? [Answer is]. 60

    74.how many days for appeal before collector ? [Answer is]…30

    75.Gulliver s travels is written by Jonathan Swift.

    76.where are 300 jails ? [Answer is]…Honduras

    77.international expo center Lahore affair? [Answer is]..26th

    78.largest barrage of Pakistan? [Answer is].sakher barrage

    79.20 ammendment pass? [Answer is]…14-02-2012

    80. who drafted the American independence declaration? [Answer is], Jefferson Thomas

    81. century before lunch by Pakistan cricketer? [Answer is]…..majid khan

    82. In Dubai Pakistan beat by England ? [Answer is]….130

    83.Which instrument is used to measure wind speed ? [Answer is]…..amenometer

    84.study of skin is called? [Answer is]dermotology

    85.parkinson is diseases of? [Answer is]….. brain

    86.Anakr Kali is written by ? [Answer is] Imtiaz ali Taaj.

    87-Order for preparing register haqdaran zameen if already does not exist by-tehsildar

    88- Appeal against mutation may be filled to assistant commissioner

    89- Ibtidae tasdeek of register haqdaran zameen is carried by patwari

    90- Fard badar is to sanctioned by revenue officer

    91- Appeal against consolidation schemem collector

    92- Tenat having the right of occupancy is land for a term of not exceeding20 years

    93- Land Record Manual, in which para summary inquiry into the title of inheritance in necessary-5

    94- Land Record Manual, in which para mutation would be prepared when the original has been misplaced or lost-7/4

    95- Land Record Manual, in which para of revenue officer is responsible for the correction of map-4/7

    96- Land Record Manual, in which para relates to preparation of tatima shajra4/24

    97- Haqdaran nakhlistan included in ? [Answer is]right of records

    98- Wajbul araz includede in ? [Answer is]chakbandi

    99- Wells and tube wells included in ? [Answer is]jamabandi

    100- Khsra no. included in ? [Answer is]khewat

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