Digital Control System Solved MCQs Answers

By Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil
Last modified on May 27th, 2019

Digital Control System Solved MCQs Answers

1. What is the acronym DCS is?

A. Digital Control System
B. Differential Concentration Switch
C. Direct Cascade Sequencing
D. Distributed Control System
E. DeltaV Console Services

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2. Ethernet as a communications network many digital control systems utilize because it is . . .

A. robust and inexpensive
B. fully deterministic
C. speed is not affected by traffic
D. a wireless network standard
E. no terminating resistors are necessary

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3. In a digital control system, the resolution refers to in the analog-to-digital conversion portion of

A. how determined the designer was
B. the number of active bits
C. the analog signal range
D. the speed of analog signal sampling
E. none of these

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5. In digital systems, the parity bits are used for the purpose of…

A. power monitoring
B. error detection
C. symmetry generation
D. diagnostic monitoring
E. time-stamping data

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6. An integer variable in a digital control system a typical use is…

A. Trigonometric math operations
B. Representing power supply voltage
C. Exponential math operations
D. Representing single switch status
E. Counting discrete events

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7. EIA-485 is a digital communication standard with the following traits…

A. Differential voltage signaling, multipoint
B. Mark-and-space signaling
C. Manchester encoding, multidrop
D. Frequency Shift Key (FSK) signaling
E. Single-ended voltage signaling, multidrop

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8. Determine that the transfer function of the system is used to…

A. The input for a given output
B. The steady state gain
C. The output for a given input
D. The type of the system
E. None of these

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9. ________ system is the ON-OFF controller.

A. Discontinuous
B. Digital
C. Linear
D. Non-linear
E. All of above

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10. How Error Constants of a system are the measure?

A. Steady state response
B. Transient state response
C. Relative stability
D Steady state as well

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11. Which of the following is correct on the basis of digital control systems are generally superior to analog control systems, but they are always worse with regard to..?

A. User-friendliness
B. Flexibility
C. Speed
D. Diagnostics
E. Noise immunity

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12. A triple modular redundant (TMR) digital control system would be typically used for what purpose?

A. To minimize routine maintenance requirements
B. To save energy (compared to other control systems)
C. To save money (compared to other control systems)
D. To increase response speed for fast processes
E. To control a potentially dangerous process

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