Comparison between Primary cell wall and Secondary cell wall

Let me share with you a comparison between Primary cell wall and Secondary cell wall.

Aspect Primary Cell Wall Secondary Cell Wall
Composition Rich in cellulose, hemicellulose and pectin Composed of inorganic salts, silica, waxes, cutin, lignin etc.
Formation Formed during cell growth and division Forms after primary cell wall deposition, often after cell expansion has ceased
Thickness Relatively thin Thicker and more rigid
Cell Types Found in all plant cells Present in some specialized cells e.g., xylem cells in plants.
Pores and Gaps Contains plasmodesmata for communication between cells Generally more rigid and less permeable compared to the primary cell wall
Lignin Content Usually low or absent Contains lignin in addition to other polysaccharides
Flexibility Provides flexibility to growing cells Provides structural support and rigidity to cells
Function Supports cell structure and allows for cell expansion Provides additional strength and support to cells, especially in tissues with a structural role
Growth Stage Present during active cell growth Formed after the cessation of cell elongation, often during cell maturation or in specialized tissues
Degradation Can be broken down by enzymes like pectinases More resistant to degradation due to the presence of lignin and additional layers of cellulose