Web Technologies Open Book Paper

Let’s see Web Technologies (web development)Open Book Paper.

Guess Paper 1: Web Technologies Open Book Paper Fall – 2020 Past Papers

University Name – Confidential

Time Allowed: 2 hours

Total Marks:    12

Instructions: Upload your answer sheet within 48 hours on canvas. You must submit in ms word or PDF format. Handwritten is not allowed. Handwritten is only allowed for those students who get permission from the instructor before the start of the paper timing.

Case Study

Car rental companies serve people who need a temporary vehicle, for example, travelers, those who do not own their own car, or owners of damaged vehicles who are waiting for repair or insurance compensation.

Managing such a business using a manual system is a very tiresome job and takes longer to generate different types of reports.

To overcome this problem we will develop a website for this company to be able to move their business online and to increase the availability and efficiency of their business processes.


Use the external css for header, internal css for footer and inline CSS for other content of web page. Any extra code that is not discussed in class is not allowed to use in these questions (This is just to stop you to use the ready-made code).

Q#1                                                                                                                                                                        4Marks

  1. Header top padding and margin must be 30px.
  2. Built as much pages as required in the scenario and link the pages.
  3. Apply Attractive CSS on hyperlinks. Change the color of hyperlinks according to the suitability of the interface of the website.
  4. Apply all the text formatting properties (as discussed in class) in the text.
  5. Make an ordered list, apply the border on the list, and use the hyperlinks on the list.

Q#2                                                                                                                                                                        4Marks

  1. If your arid number is even number (e.g 20-Arid-2422 is even)then apply the font family Verdana on the list, and if your arid number is an odd number (e.g 20-Arid-2421 is odd)then apply the font family Calibri on the list.
  2. If your arid number is even number, then apply line-height only on paragraphs. Any other HTML element must not have any line-height property.
  3. Similarly, If your arid number is an odd number, then apply line-height only on the list. Any other HTML element must not have any line-height property.
  4. If your arid number is even number, then Your website background must be an image with no repeat and it’s odd then background must be no image and just a CSS color in the background.

Q#3                                                                                                                                                                        4Marks

Show a full user-friendly and well-decorated website by fulfilling the requirements of Q1 and Q2 and also use your extra creativity to design a good design web interface.

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