Communication system of Pakistan [Important Information]

Important Information about the Communication system of Pakistan

The communication system of Pakistan consists of different modes of communication. Some of these are mentioned below;

  1. Postal Services:
  2. Telecommunications: PTCL, Jazz, Telenor, Zong, and Ufone.
  3. Broadcasting:
  4. Internet:
  5. Satellite Communication
  6. Transport:

Postal Services of Pakistan

  1. The national postal service of Pakistan is Pakistan Post.
  2. Pakistan Post was established on 14th August 1947.
  3. China postal service is closely affiliated with Pakistan Post.
  4. Around 13,000 post offices do Pakistan Post operate across the country
  5. 30 kg is the maximum weight limit for parcels sent through Pakistan Post.
  6. Pakistan Post’s e-commerce service is specifically designed for the delivery of online shopping orders.
  7. Services provided by Pakistan Post are the followings;
    1. Parcel delivery
    2. Domestic and international mail delivery
    3. Money transfer
    4. and other related services.
  8. The name of fastest mail delivery service offered by Pakistan Post is Urgent Mail Service (UMS).
  9. the name of Pakistan Post’s express courier service is EMS (Express Mail Service).
  10. Post Office Savings Bank (POSB) is the name of Pakistan Post’s financial services division.

Telecommunications of Pakistan

  1. The oldest telecom company in Pakistanis is Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL)
  2. The telecom company that has the largest market share in Pakistan is Jazz
  3. The total number of mobile phone users in Pakistan as of 2021 is Over 182 million.
  4. The first 4G network in Pakistan is Zong
  5. The international calling code for Pakistan is +92.
  6. The telecom company that launched the first mobile banking service in Pakistan is Telenor.
  7. The maximum internet speed offered by major telecom companies in Pakistan is 150 Mbps.
  8. The telecom company Zong was awarded the 5G license in Pakistan.
  9. The total number of internet users in Pakistan as of 2021 is Over 100 million.
  10. Zong is the telecom company that was the first to launch 3G and 4G services in Pakistan.

Broadcasting Services of Pakistan

  1. The national television network of Pakistan is Pakistan Television (PTV).
  2. PTV was established on 26th November 1964.
  3. The name of the first private television channel in Pakistan is STN (Shalimar Television Network).
  4. GEO News is a private television channel and the first to start 24-hour news transmission in Pakistan.
  5. The name of largest media group in Pakistan is Jang Group.
  6. Dawn News is the Television channel owned by the Dawn Group of Newspaper.
  7. The name of the popular Pakistani music television channel is ARY Musik.
  8. Virtual University Television (VUTV) is a Pakistani television channel that broadcasts educational and informative programs.

Internet services in Pakistan

  1. The maximum internet speed currently offered in Pakistan is 100 Mbps.
  2. WiMAX technology is used to provide wireless internet service in Pakistan.
  3. Wateen Telecom is a company that provides WiMAX service in Pakistan.
  4. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is responsible for managing and regulating the internet in Pakistan.
  5. The most commonly used internet service in Pakistan is Broadband.
  6. Daraz is a Pakistani e-commerce platform that was acquired by Alibaba in 2018. is
  7. Careem is a Pakistani ride-hailing platform that was acquired by Uber in 2018.
  8. PTCL is the company that provides the most popular broadband service in Pakistan.PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited)
  9.  AAE-1 (Asia-Africa-Europe 1) submarine cable is used to provide internet connectivity to Pakistan.
  10. The most popular social media platform in Pakistan is Facebook.

Satellite communication in Pakistan

  1. The first Pakistani satellite launched into space for communication purposes is Badr-1
  2. SUPARCO is the satellite service provider and launched the Badr-1 satellite.
  3. PakSat International is a company that provides satellite communication services in Pakistan.
  4. PakSat-1R satellite is used by PakSat International for communication services in Pakistan. is
  5. Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) is responsible for managing and regulating satellite communication services in Pakistan.
  6. The latest satellite launched by Pakistan for communication purposes is Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite-1 (PRSS-1).

Transport system in Pakistan

  1. The largest airline in Pakistan in terms of fleet size is Pakistan is International Airlines (PIA).
  2. The name of the railway service in Pakistan is Pakistan Railways.
  3. The city that has the largest metro bus system in Pakistan is Lahore.
  4. The name of the company that operates the metro bus system in Lahore is Lahore Transport Company (LTC).
  5. The name of the company that operates the metro bus system in Islamabad and Rawalpindi is Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro bus Service.
  6. The name of the company that operates the Karachi Circular Railway is Pakistan Railways.
  7. The largest port in Pakistan in terms of cargo handling is the Port of Karachi.
  8. The highway connecting Pakistan with China is Karakoram Highway.
  9. The organization is responsible for managing and regulating the transport system in Pakistan is the Ministry of Communications and National Highway Authority (NHA).