Assistant in S & GAD PPSC MCQs Past Papers 2020 test

Assistant in S & GAD PPSC MCQs Past Papers 2020 test.

  • Emergency announce by the president or Chief of Army Staff
  • Jinnah talks failed in 1944 due to
  • Ibn e Khaldun belongs to
  • Zimbabwe capital
  • Idiom a women scorned
  • Imf headquarters
  • What is a five-star movement
  • Indian investment in military assets is how many times our investment.
  • Jason’s novel nigar?
  • Angel duty to supply food to people?
  • India GDP as compared to Pakistan
  • Anjuman established due to
  • The pm of India in 1965
  • Asian games held after
  • Asbab e baghawat e hind book
  • Preston Tower is in
  • Limpid means
  • Chairman senate
  • The Sikh war fought between
  • Kitab ul asar book author
  • A number is multiplied by 20 and divided by 20. The number is?
  • Oracle is?
  • 2017 series between Pak and Sri won by
  • River of Pak. ICJ
  • Oldest religious
  • UNICEF organization who protect children
    Falkand island dispute in 1982
    Dickson sea port of? Malaysia
    Who elected president
    Unicef related to children
  • 1st dry port 1973
  • Takla Makan desert.
  • Gobi desert.
  • Pak china agreement in the reign of which president
  • Camp David agreement president USA name.
  • Falkland island dispute.
  • Nato is an alliance of which nature.
  • Capital of zimbabwe.
  • Asar ul sanadeed book.
  • Proverbs. A roller stone gathers no..moss.
  • Implicate synonym
  • Eradicate synonym