Anatomy – III Universities Past Papers

Anatomy – III Universities Past Papers

Anatomy - III Universities Past Papers
Anatomy – III Universities Past Papers

Q1:       Mark the following statements as T(true) or F (false)

1: embryo lies outside amniotic cavity but inside chorionic cavity T/F

2: folic acid deficiency can lead to neural tube defects T/F

3: Bulbus cardis is a part of developing heart T/F

4: CNS mainly develops from mesoderm T/F

5: Triliminar Germ disc finally dissolves by the end of the sixth week T/F

6: the body of cervical vertebrae contain transverse foramen T/F

7: platysma is a sheet of muscular tissue in the back of neck T/F

8: facial nerve is a branch of trigeminal nerve T/F

9: hyoid bone is the first bone to form in the embryo T/F

10: the sphenoid has lesser and greater Cornus T/F

Q2:: Explain the stages of embryonic development which take place in the second week of    intrauterine life

Q3       a. Describe the boundaries of the anterior triangle of the neck and enumerate its contents?

  1. Draw and label a diagram of cervical plexus.

Q4:      Enumerate the muscles of facial expression

            Draw and label a diagram of hyoid bone indicating muscle attached to it

Q5:      Give the names, attachments, action, and nerve supply of muscles of mastication. 

Q6:      Write short notes on any two of the following

  1. course and branches of Facial Nerve
  2. muscles of mastication
  3. supra hyoid muscles
  4. walls of the orbital cavity.
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