Anatomy 1 Past Papers

Anatomy 1 Past Papers

Anatomy 1 Past Papers
Anatomy 1 Past Papers

Q1.      MARK THE FOLLOWING STATEMENTS AS T (true) or F (false)

1: flexion movement is not possible at wrist joint  T/F

2: clavicle bone is absent at birth  T/F

3: superficial fascia contains no fat cells T/F

4: ulna is the bone of upper limb  T/.F

5: the heart is situated in middle medaistenum T/F

6: parotid gland is the largest salivary gland  T/F

7: smooth muscles are not found in small intestine T/F

8: the functional unit of the kidneys is nephron T/F

9: patella is a bone and not a cartilage T/F

10: the lungs contain bronco-pulmonary segments  T/F

11: stomach has no lymphatic drainage  T/F

12: urinary bladder lies outside peritoneum T/F

13:  right kidney is at a lower level than left  T/F

14: half of the production of bile takes place in gallbladder T/F

Q2:      How joints are classified (07)

            Give an account of cartilaginous joints with examples (07)

Q3:      Enumerate the parts of the large intestine and their anatomical position (07) 

            Enumerate parts and anatomical position of the stomach (07)

Q4:      Explain the blood supply of kidneys (07)

            Explain the anatomical structure of urinary bladder (07)

Q5:      Describe the anatomy of Trachea (07)

            Describe the anatomy of the diaphragm (07)

Q6:      Briefly explain the Portal circulation (07)

            Briefly explain the Coronary circulation (07) 

Q7:      Write short notes on the following:

  1. anatomical position and functions of the pancreas(07)
  2. functions of the vertebral column. (7)
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