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Adobe Photoshop interview Viva Questions

Guess Paper 1: Adobe Photoshop Fall  2020 Past Papers

Theory: 20 marks

Time: 1hr

Q:1) Briefly define the following terms

Attempt any 5 at from the following 15 marks
2 : Tool box
3 : Layers
4 : Pen tool
5 : Selection tool
6 : Brushes
7 : how to save file in Jpeg
8: cut, copy, paste commands

Q:2) Mark the false and true / attempt any 5 5 marks
1 : ADOBE is a software based on vector scale.
2 : We can manipulate pixels while using FILTERS from the menu bar.
3 : MARQUEE tool is basically using for the selection purpose .
4 : We can delete layer to drag it to the recycle bin option inside the layer command.
5 : We can use CTR+E to combine multiple layers .
6 : POLYGONAL selection tool is basically creating straight lines in selections.

Practical: 50 marks Time:4 hrs

1. Design a poster for fashion show event (size A4 )
2. Design an invitation card for fashion show event (size 8”x4”)

Note: Print poster and invitation card separately both should be in separate adobe illustrator file
Students must provide a hardcopy of an image as well as soft copy. Soft copy must be in .psd format as well as jpeg image. Practical will not be consider without .psd(adobe photoshop) format file.

Guess Paper 2: Adobe Photoshop Fall  2020 Past Papers

Theory: 20 marks

Time: 1hr


Answer any five questions (30)

Q1: Why is the photoshop file called Psd? (5)

Q2: Write the names of any 5 tools used in photoshop. (5)

Q3: Name few file formats to which a photoshop project can exported to. (5)

Q4: What are the layers and mask in photoshop? (5)

Q5: How can one achieve doging, burning and smudging effects in Photoshop? (5)

Q6: How to create a new document in Photoshop? (5)


Q7: Design a Scarf on photoshop using a theme of nature. (40)

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