Storage area network MCQs Questions Answers

Let us see the Storage area network MCQs Questions Answers. 1. Storage management comprises of? A) SAN Management B) Data protection C) Disk operation D) All of the mentioned Answer: 2.Storage devices includes? A) Tape drives B) Raid Arrays C) Switch D) All of above Answer: 3.Protocol used for storage management is? A) POP3 B) … Read more

Mobile and Wireless Network MCQs

Mobile and Wireless Network MCQs 1. The IEEE 802.11 defines basic service set as a building block of wireless is… A. WAN B. LAN C. MAN D. All of these 2. There are many hidden stations in a wireless LAN, so we did not detect the… A. Collision B. Frames C. Data D. Signal 3. … Read more

Computer Network MCQs for Lecturer Test

“Computer Network MCQs” SET 1 SET 1 contains 10 MCQs on “Computer Networks” 1. Three or more than 3 computers share a link in ________ connection a) Point to point b) Unipoint c) Multipoint d) All above 2.  The computer network is a A) Network computer with guided media B) Network computer without fiber optic C) None of … Read more

Computer Network MCQs

Computer Network MCQs Some important Computer Network MCQs are mentioned here. The standard documents of IETF are called A. RCF B. ID C. RFC D. Both A and B E. None of these When the information packet moves from the higher to lower layers in layer hierarchy, headers are. A. Removed B. Rearranged C. Modified … Read more

MCQs – Transportation networks(India)

MCQs – Transportation networks(India) The Golden Quadrilateral is a network of expressways connecting which major cities in India? A) Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai B) Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Mumbai C) Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Chandigarh D) Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai Answer: A) Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai The Konkan Railway, known for its scenic route along the western … Read more

Social Networks Founder CEO Headquarters MCQs Questions Answers

Social Networks Questions Answers covering the Founder, founded year, CEO, Headquarters and Alexa rank locally and globally. Facebook Facebook Founded in which Year?           2004 Who is the Founder of  Facebook?           Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Hughes, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin Who is the CEO of Facebook?     Mark Zuckerberg Where is headquarter of Facebook?       Menlo park, California YouTube … Read more

Neural Networks MCQs

Solved MCQs on Neural Networks in Artificial Intelligence(Questions Answers). 1.Which of the following neural network is an auto-associative network? (A). that has no loops (B). that has feedback (C). that has only one loop (D). a single layer feed-forward neural network with pre-processing (E). None of these MCQ Answer: b 2. Which of the following is … Read more

Neural Networks MCQs Artificial Intelligence

Neural Networks solved MCQs of Artificial Intelligence(questions and answers). 1. Artificial Intelligence problems are linearly divisible problems of attention of neural network researchers because they are the only? (A). class of problem that network can solve efficiently (B). mathematical functions that you can draw (C). mathematical functions that are continue (D). class of problem that … Read more

Bayesian Networks MCQs | Artificial Intelligence

Bayesian Networks MCQs based Questions & Answers on Artificial Intelligence. 1. Suppose you are creating a bayesian network. Which of the following is the outcome between a node and its predecessors? (A). Conditionally independent (B). Dependant (C). Functionally dependent (D). Both Conditionally dependant & Dependant (E). None of these Answer: A 2. The compactness of … Read more

Router MCQs | Networking Devices

Which one is used to perform routing in OSI network architecture? (A). session layer (B). data link layer (C). transport layer (D). network layer (D). None of these (E). Both a and b Answer: (D). network layer Select from the following which one in the routing algorithm can be used for network layer design. (A). … Read more

Networking topologies Solved MCQs

Let us see the important Networking topologies Solved MCQs Questions  Answers. 1. Which topology has Multipoint connection: a)Ring b)Bus c)Star d)Mesh e.both b and c Answer b 2.Mesh topology, have devices which are connected via a)single and multiple links b)Multipoint link c)Point to point link d)No Link e)None of the above answer c 3.The topology … Read more

Network Layer OSI Model Solved MCQs

Let us see the Network Layer OSI Model Solved MCQs. 1._______ field in the base header restricts the lifetime of a datagram In IPv6, A) version B) next-header C) hop limit D) neighbor-advertisement Answer: C 2. An HLEN value of decimal 10 means _______In IPv4 header A) 10 bytes of options B) 40 bytes of … Read more