5 Handy iPhone Shortcuts to Automate Everyday Tasks

You do the same things on your phone every day, only that you do not notice. You set the alarm, check the calendar, call a particular person, and check social media, among other tasks. Each of these tasks takes several steps to complete. What if you could complete them in one swipe or button? It saves time and allows you to focus on other activities, leaving you more productive. 

Automatic tasks on your phone will enable you to execute them in the shortest time possible. Using your phone becomes instinctive. For instance, you can call your boyfriend or get the best term paper help by drawing a pattern on your screen. 

iPhone allows you to automate and customize several tasks on your phone. Some of the tasks have already been automated. At the same time, you can customize the automation by adding or removing some of the features. Here are 5 shortcuts that will make your everyday life easy when using an iPhone. 

  • Play a determined playlist 

Music and audio files are used when working or as entertainment. Choosing one playlist over the other every time you need to hear some music can be an uphill task. How about playing the music in one swipe? iPhone allows you to select a playlist with a single swipe on the screen. 

The shortcut for starting your playlist is available on the shortcut library. It is straightforward to use. The playlist shortcut comes with the repeat or shuffle option. With the touch of the list, music begins playing through the connected device. 

iPhone has gone a notch higher to include voice recognition. You can use Siri to activate the playlist without having to control the list with your hands. It is a hands-free way to enjoy customized entertainment on your phone. 

  • starting a podcast or playlist with a sleep timer

How long do you take to fall asleep? Do you need an enhancement like music or a podcast? You may also form a habit of listening to podcasts when sleeping. The Outcast podcast app will help you to fall asleep easily or activate your desired files using a single swipe. 

The Outcast podcast monitors the files or podcasts you have listened to. When you activate the podcast as you sleep, it will select the next file to avoid repetition. This is a perfect feature for the moments when you hit the pillow tired and would not want to spend time on the phone looking for podcasts. 

Outcast uses artificial intelligence to track your activities. The technology will ensure no repetition. It also switches off at a designated time based on your sleeping pattern. Sleeping will no longer feel like a hollow experience. The app allows you to extract podcasts or files from the internet. It is a great way to enrich your sleeping experience. 

  • Turn-off Wi-Fi

What if you could lock the house, switch off the lights, and create the perfect sleeping environment from your phone? At least, iPhone allows you to switch off Wi-Fi with a single swipe on the phone. 

iPhone allows you to switch off the connection from your phone. The phone will stay without internet until the time you have set on the alarm. Once the alarm goes off, your Wi-Fi will reconnect. It allows you to avoid distractions from messages and other apps that depend on the internet. You do not have to think about turning off other gadgets. 

  • Send Predetermined iMessage

The messages app allows you to send a pre-determined message to one or several people instantly. The message is pre-typed or available as a default part of your phone. You add a send-message action on the pre-determined message. It will indicate when the message should run and the recipients. If you send the messages routinely to friends, colleagues, or family members, this is the perfect feature to follow. 

  • Prepare for bed

If you are serious about sleeping, you should use this feature. It gets you in the mood and performs all the tasks you would desire. They include switching off the internet, setting the alarm, and playing your favorite music, among others. You do not have to go through the steps every evening. 

The iPhone comes with excellent automation shortcuts to make your life easy. You can also get good topics to write about technology and innovation. The iPhone makes your life easier and enjoyable using these shortcuts. 

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