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Zoology Paper C, Past Papers for University Students

Q-1:     Discuss the general characteristics of Chordates.


Q-2:    Briefly describe the structure functions and type of Mammalian teeth.


Q-3:     Give a comprehensive account of excretory system in Vertebrates.


Q-4:    What is an integumentary system? Give its functions.


Q-5:     Write a brief note on Exocrine glands.


Q-6:    Write an essay on Mammalian Kidney.


Q-7:     What are the receptors? Draw the structure of the internal ear.


Q-8:     Discuss the structure of nephron.

Q-9:     Explain the functions of hormones of the anterior pituitary.


Q-10:   Write brief notes on any two of the following.

  1. White blood cells  
  2. functions of blood
  3. hibernation
  4. Respiration in frog
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