Waves and Oscillation MCQs

Waves and Oscillation MCQs

1.Over-damping(gradual reduction of  excessive oscillation) is because of…

A. arrhythmic return to equilibrium

B. faster return to equilibrium

C. equilibrium is never achieved

D. slower return to equilibrium

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2. Natural frequency of a guitar string can be changed by changing it’s

A. stiffness

B. area

C. diameter

D. length


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3. In S.H.M(Simple Harmonic Motion) velocity at equilibrium position is

A. minimum

B. constant

C. zero

D. maximum

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4. Maximum displacement from equilibrium position is

A. Frequency

B. Amplitude

C. Wavelength

D. Period

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5. Which one of the given cannot receive the4 ultrasonic

A. Dolphin

B. Human Being

C. mouse

D. Rat

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6. A spring of force constant K is cut into two pieces such that one piece is double the length of the other. Then the longer piece3 will have a force constant of

A. 3/2K

B. 3K

C. 9K

D. 6K

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7.Displacement-time graph depicting(Represent by Drawing) an oscillatory motion is

A. cos curve

B. sine curve

C. tangent curve

D. straight line

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8. Maximum displacement(action of moving some thing) from equilibrium position is

A. frequency

B. wavelength

C. period

D. amplitude

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9. If time period of an oscillation is 0.40 s what will be it’s frequency is

A. 2 Hz

B. 5 Hz

C. 3 Hz

D. 5 Hz

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10. In cars, springs are damped by

A. shock absorbers

B. engine

C. tyres

D. brake pedals

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11. Our eyes detect oscillations up to

A. 5 Hz

B. 9 Hz

C. 6 Hz

D. 8 Hz

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12. A force that acts to return mass to it’s equilibrium position is called

A. frictional force

B. restoring force

C. normal force

D. contact force

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