Seed Technology Research Topics

Research Area/ Research Interest: Seed Technology

Research Paper Topics for Masters and PhD Thesis and publication.

  1. A review on application of ultrasound and ultrasound assisted technology for seed oil extraction
  2. Recognition of maize seed varieties based on hyperspectral imaging technology and integrated learning algorithms
  3. Seed Priming Applied to Onion-Like Crops: State of the Art and Open Questions
  4. Evaluation of Different Seed Packaging Materials for Quality of Rice Seed Stored for Different Periods of Time in Ethiopia
  5. Influence of combined freeze-drying and far-infrared drying technologies on physicochemical properties of seed-used pumpkin
  6. Microbial seed coating: an attractive tool for sustainable agriculture
  7. Confirmation of ‘Pollen-and Seed-Specific Gene Deletor’System Efficiency for Transgene Excision from Transgenic Nicotiana tabacum under Field Conditions
  8. Chemical characterization of pomegranate and alfalfa seed oils obtained by a two-step sequential extraction procedure of expeller and supercritical CO2 technologies
  9. Effects of plastic-derived carbon dots on germination and growth of pea (Pisum sativum) via seed nano-priming
  11. Emerging natural hemp seed proteins and their functions for nutraceutical applications
  12. Optimization and Economic Perspective of Planting Density and Minituber Size in Potato Seed Production
  13. … of visible-near-infrared hyperspectral imaging technology coupled with wavelength selection algorithm for rapid determination of moisture content of soybean seeds
  14. Seed-assisted hydrothermal fabrication of nanostructured boehmite coating on carbon fiber
  15. Effect of Cutting Treatment on Seed Yield and Seed Quality of Dill
  16. Seed potato production, certification, and trade
  17. Germination traits explain the success of direct seeding restoration in the seasonal tropics of Brazil
  18. Mitigating the Energy Crisis: Utilization of Seed Production Wastes for Energy Production in Continental Croatia
  19. The influence of a seed drop tube of the inside-filling air-blowing precision seed-metering device on seeding quality
  20. Rice seed size measurement using a rotational perception deep learning model
  21. Chia seed mucilage (Salvia hispanica L.): An emerging biopolymer for industrial application
  22. Effect of bioagents on cucumber seed mycoflora, seed germination, and seedling vigour
  23. Efforts to Provide National Hybrid Corn Seed for Farmers in Gold Mining Area
  24. Effect of Stocking Density on Growth, Water Quality Changes and Cost Efficiency of Butter Catfish (Ompokbimaculatus) during Seed Rearing in a Biofloc …
  26. Growing Resistance: An Ecofeminist Analysis of Seed Sovereignty in Xoy, Yucatan
  27. … of the field performance of progenies obtained by a non-vernalization-grafting floral induction method in terms of application to cabbage breeding and seed …
  28. Study of seed ageing in lpa1-1 maize mutant and two possible approaches to restore seed germination
  29. Extension module: Crowdsourcing seed based innovations to improve diversity, nutrition and crop productivity
  30. Rice seed size measurement using a rotational perception deep learning model
  31. Chia seed mucilage (Salvia hispanica L.): An emerging biopolymer for industrial application
  32. Effect of bioagents on cucumber seed mycoflora, seed germination, and seedling vigour
  33. Efforts to Provide National Hybrid Corn Seed for Farmers in Gold Mining Area
  34. Effect of Stocking Density on Growth, Water Quality Changes and Cost Efficiency of Butter Catfish (Ompokbimaculatus) during Seed Rearing in a Biofloc …
  36. Growing Resistance: An Ecofeminist Analysis of Seed Sovereignty in Xoy, Yucatan
  37. … of the field performance of progenies obtained by a non-vernalization-grafting floral induction method in terms of application to cabbage breeding and seed …
  38. Study of seed ageing in lpa1-1 maize mutant and two possible approaches to restore seed germination
  39. Extension module: Crowdsourcing seed based innovations to improve diversity, nutrition and crop productivity
  40. Ukraine’s Market of Certified Seed: Current State and Prospects for the Future
  41. Research and Analysis on the Influence of Different Speed Measurement Methods on the Monitoring Accuracy of Seed Spacing
  42. Responses of cotton seed germination characteristics and storage substance metabolism to saline-alkali stress
  44. Trichoderma koningiopsis Survival on Coated Seeds and Effect on Plant Growth Promotion in Rice (Oryza sativa)
  45. Effects of Storage Duration and Structures on Sesame Seed Germination, Mold Growth, and Mycotoxin Accumulation
  46. Optimization of nisin and EDTA concentration in antimicrobial film based on psyllium seed hydrocolloid film by response surface mothodology
  47. Effect of Seed Priming on the Germination Properties of Allium hookeri
  48. Optimal Hydrothermal Treatment of Sesame Seeds to Retain Most of the Nutrients
  49. Genetic mapping and functional genomics of soybean seed protein
  50. Biosynthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles via Leaf Extracts of Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don and Their Application in Improving Seed Germination Potential and …
  51. Comparative study of engine performance and emission test of Custard Apple seed oil Bio-lubricant dispersed with micro walled carbon nano tube with …
  52. Risk preference, interlinked credit and insurance contract and agricultural innovative technology adoption
  53. The Application of Cold Plasma Technology in Low-Moisture Foods
  54. The Changes in Seed Germination Capacity, Seedling Growth, and Leaf Morphology of Ficus variegata Blume Influenced by Gamma-Ray Irradiation
  55. A multi-omic resource of wheat seed tissues for nutrient deposition and improvement for human health
  56. Black cumin seed oil, protein, protein concentrates, and hydrolysate
  57. Effect of storage on microbial reductions after gaseous chlorine dioxide treatment of black peppercorns, cumin seeds, and dried basil leaves
  58. Biostimulating Extracts from L. As Ecological Additives in Soybean Seed Coating Applications
  59. Effect of seed orientations on crystallographic texture control in faceted Al2O3/YAG eutectic ceramic during directional solidification
  60. Wheat cultivation with mechanical risebed seed drill produced and designed in Egypt
  61. Alternative splicing in ABA signaling during seed germination
  62. Determination of physiological maturity and methods for breaking dormancy of rice seeds of IPB 3S variety
  63. Assessment of the Engine Vibration and Noise Characteristics of an Unmodified Direct Injection Engine Powered With Non-Feedstock Citrullus lanatus Seed Oil
  64. Effect of seabuckthorn seed protein and its arginine-enriched peptides on combating memory impairment in mice
  65. The application of fertilizers on calliandra (Calliandra calothyrsus Meissn.) seedlings from several populations in West Java
  66. Poppy Seed
  67. Integrating random forest and crop modeling improves the crop yield prediction of winter wheat and oil seed rape
  68. Genetic analysis of mode of inheritance of seed yield and its components in tropical soybean genotypes
  69. Optimization of ultrasonic-assisted extraction model of Pinus koraiensis seed scales oil induced by tea saponin
  70. Efficient synthesis of biodiesel from Hyoscyamus niger L. seed oil by base catalysis
  71. Quantitative Seed Amplification Assay: A Proof-of-Principle Study
  72. Beyond the Genome: Genetically Modified Crops in Africa and the Implications for Genome Editing
  73. Nanomaterized zinc sulfide‐meerschaum biomatrix efficiently suppressed Fusarium verticilloides with augmented rice seed quality benefits during storage
  74. Biotechnological valorization of agrowastes for circular bioeconomy: melon seed shell, groundnut shell and groundnut peel
  75. Influence of Rotational Speed of Seed Plates on the Quality Seeding in Laboratory Operating Conditions
  76. Environmentally friendly comprehensive recycling utilization technology of foundation engineering slurry
  77. Optimizing removal of chromium (VI) ions from water by coagulation process using central composite design: Effectiveness of grape seed as a green coagulant
  78. Quality of sunflower seeds in function of thickness classification and sowing under speed variation of the seeder-fertilizer
  79. Studies on Pomegranate seed oil enriched Galantamine Hydrobromide microemulsion: formulation, in vitro antioxidant and neuroprotective potential
  80. Hybridization of Moringa stenopetala and Azadirachta indica Seed Oil to Synthesize Biodiesel with Improved Quality
  82. Application of Digital Imaging Allied to Chemometrics in the Use of Non-destructive Phenotyping of Sesame Seeds
  83. Effect of UV-C followed by storage on the fungal growth and aflatoxins content and storability characteristics and of sesame (Sesamum indicum) seeds
  84. Phenology of flowering and seed development of jernang rattan (Daemonorops spp.)
  86. Effect of Applying Integrated Mineral and Organic Fertilizers on Seed Yield, Yield Components and Seed Oil Content of Black Cumin in Central Highlands of …
  87. Tea-making technology by using quinoa raw materials
  88. Construction of the first ultra-dense genetic map for faba bean (Vicia faba L.) and quantitative trait loci mapping for seed-related traits
  89. Smallholder social networks: Advice seeking and adaptation in rural Kenya
  90. Understanding the potential applications of Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture Sector
  91. Non-Destructive Discrimination of Sunflower Seeds with Different Internal Mildew Grades by Fusion of Near-Infrared Diffuse Reflectance and Transmittance …
  92. Estimation of spinach (Spinacia oleracea) seed yield with 2D UAV data and deep learning
  93. An Empirical and Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Combustion Performance of a Diesel Engine Fueled With Tomato Seed Oil Biodiesel
  94. Key drivers of adoption intensity of selected improved rice technologies in rural Ghana
  95. How Kenyan Potato Farmers Evaluate the Seed: Implications for the Promotion of Certified Seed Potato
  96. Sustainable Strategies to Counteract Mycotoxins Contamination and Cowpea Weevil in Chickpea Seeds during Post-Harvest
  97. Emerging Technologies for the Production of In Vitro Raised Quality Rich Swertia chirayita by Using LED Lights
  98. New GMOS: have seed companies been given a mission by the European Commission?–Inf’OGM
  99. Grape Seed Extract Attenuates Demyelination in Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis Mice by Inhibiting Inflammatory Response of Immune Cells
  100. Control of rice bakanae disease by seed dressing with mixed solution of fludioxonil, metalaxyl-M and azoxystrobin
  101. [PS][PS] SEEDS: Simulation and Emulation Environment for Deeply Distributed Systems
  102. Biodegradation of high di-(2-Ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) concentration by food waste composting and its toxicity assessment using seed germination test
  103. Probing the impact of sustainable emerging sonication and DBD plasma technologies on the quality of wheat sprouts juice
  104. Cleaner production of biodiesel from novel non-edible seed oil (Carthamus lanatus L.) via highly reactive and recyclable green nano CoWO3@ rGO composite in …
  106. Formation of acrylamide during the roasting of chia seeds (Salvia hispanica L.)
  107. Breeders’ Role in Supporting Allied Functions in the Seed Business
  108. Plant Breeding: Its Evolution and Recent Trends
  109. Valorization of mustard and sesame oilseed cakes for food application through eco‐innovative technologies
  110. Silo-bag system for storage of grains, seeds and by-products: A review and research agenda
  111. Cold pressed pumpkin seed oil fatty acids, carotenoids, volatile compounds profiles and infrared fingerprints as affected by storage time and wax‐based oleogelation
  112. Food System in India. Challenges, Performance and Promise
  113. Design and Testing of a Self-Propelled Dandelion Seed Harvester
  114. Biology of pulse beetle, Callosobruchus maculatus (Fab.) infesting cowpea
  115. Popular Products of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) Consumed in India and their Quality Concern
  116. Types of Seed Financing of Enterprises in the Czech Republic
  117. Performance-enhanced regenerated cellulose film by adding grape seed extract
  118. New β-carboline alkaloids from the seeds of Peganum harmala
  119. Nitrogen self-doped porous carbon based on sunflower seed hulls as excellent double anodes for potassium/sodium ion batteries
  120. An IoT and Blockchain‐based approach for the smart water management system in agriculture
  121. Extraction of crystalline nanocellulose from palm tree date seeds (Phoenix dactylifera L.)
  122. Investigation of Growth Factors and Mathematical Modeling of Nutrient Media for the Shoots Multiplication In Vitro of Rare Plants of the Rostov Region
  123. Large scale strategy for the extraction of oil from sesame seed: scalable approach
  124. Pastoral agriculture, a significant driver of New Zealand’s economy, based on an introduced grassland ecology and technological advances
  125. Implementation of Greenhouse Technology to Support Bamboo Forest Conservation in Batara Village, Papring
  126. Potential of pomegranate seed powder as a novel natural flocculant for pulp and paper wastewater treatment: characterization, comparison and combination with alum
  127. Potentially harmful effects of seed treatment and pre-inoculation on soybean biological nitrogen fixation and yield
  128. Interpretable machine learning-accelerated seed treatment by nanomaterials for environmental stress alleviation
  129. … Conditions for the Active Components with High Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitory Activity and Identification of Key Metabolites from Acer truncatum Seed Oil …
  130. Production of ethyl esters from forage radish seed: An integrated sequential route using pressurized ethanol and ethyl acetate
  131. Seed: secure and energy efficient data-collection method for IoT network
  132. Accumulation of Minerals in Faba Bean Seeds and Straw in Relation to Sowing Density
  133. Allelopathic effect of Leaf Extracts of some Common Weeds on Seed Germination Characteristics and Growth of Oryza sativa L.
  134. Improved Extrusion Cooking Technology: A Mini Review Of Starch Modification
  135. Smartphone-based information acquisition and wheat farm performance: insights from a doubly robust IPWRA estimator
  136. Opportunities and challenges for harvest weed seed control in European cropping systems
  137. The Effects of Grafting on Plant, Fruit and Seed Quality in Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo L. var. cantalupensis) Melons
  138. African butter seed (Pentadesma butyracea) and cocoa fats for potential use in future food applications
  139. Clarify jurisdiction of US Clean Water Act
  140. Analysis of seed viability through respiration metabolism using CO2 sensors and internet of things (IoT) system
  141. Enhancement of adsorption efficiency by surface modified Avocado seed for xylene removal
  142. Acute Oral Toxicity and Genotoxicity Test and Evaluation of Cinnamomum camphora Seed Kernel Oil
  143. Effects of seed orientation planting on root growth in summer maize
  144. … Sequencing Revealed Novel Expressed Genes and Dynamic Transcriptome Landscape of Triticale (x Triticosecale Wittmack) Seed at Different Developing …
  145. Encapsulation of Formosa Papaya (Carica papaya L.) Seed Extract: Physicochemical Characteristics of Particles, and Study of Stability and Release of …
  146. Effects of Coconut Water, Benzylaminopurine, and Naphthalene Acetic Acid on Seed Germination and Rhizome Food Reserve: In Vitro Culture of Eulophia flava (Lindl …
  148. Enhancing stability and bioavailability of sulforaphene in radish seed extracts using nanoemulsion made with high oleic sunflower oil
  149. An electrospun sensing label based on poly (vinyl alcohol)-Ag-grape seed anthocyanidin nanofibers for smart, real-time meat freshness monitoring
  150. BLEND: a fast, memory-efficient and accurate mechanism to find fuzzy seed matches in genome analysis
  151. Mathematical Model of Vegetative Growth of Porang (Amorphophallus muelleri) with Different Seed Quality
  152. Sequential Two-stage Extraction of Xanthoceras sorbifolia Seed Oil Using Supercritical CO2 and CO2-Expanded Ethanol
  153. Encapsulation of Cumin (Cuminum cyminum L.) Seed Essential Oil in the Chickpea Protein–Maltodextrin Matrix
  154. Comparison of solvents for extraction of Pachira macrocarpa (Cham. et Schlecht.) Walp seed oils
  155. A comparative investigation of seed storage protein fractions: The synergistic impact of molecular properties and composition on anisotropic structuring
  156. Sustainable production of bio-jet fuel and green gasoline from date palm seed oil via hydroprocessing over tantalum phosphate
  157. Regulatory Aspects of the Seed Business in Relation to Plant Breeding
  158. A comparison for the removal of two different textile dyes by raw Helianthus annuus L. seed shells
  159. Growth Performance of Potato in India vis-à-vis North East India
  160. Feasibility analysis of Minapadi technology on rainfed land in South Konawe Regency
  161. Impact of Defatted Chia Seeds Flour Addition on Chemical, Rheological, and Sensorial Properties of Toast Bread
  162. Formulation technology: Macrocystis pyrifera extract is a suitable support/medium for Azospirillum brasilense
  163. Preparation of NH3-and H2S-sensitive intelligent pH indicator film from sodium alginate/black soybean seed coat anthocyanins and its use in monitoring meat …
  164. Physicochemical properties of legumes (Viz., black gram splits, moth bean splits and fenugreek seeds)
  165. Obtaining peroxidase from Zanthoxylum armatum DC. fruit and application in detoxification of phenol wastewater
  166. Biogenic nano seed treatment studies in pigeon pea under pot culture
  167. Production, characterization, food application and biological study of powder of pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima) parts (peel, flesh and seeds)
  168. Seed Nutrient and Leaf Mineral Content of Jack Bean (Canavalia ensiformis L) Cultivated with Organic and Bio-fertilizers in Grumusol Soil
  169. Synthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles using Vigna mungo seed husk extract: An enhanced antibacterial, anticancer activity and eco-friendly bio-toxicity assessment on …
  170. Bioactive coatings from non-conventional loquat (Eriobotrya japonica Lindl.) seed starch to extend strawberries shelf-life: An antioxidant packaging
  171. Comparison of the seed dormancy and germination characteristics of six Clematis species from south Korea
  172. Nutritional Potential of Underutilized Pycnanthus angolensis Seeds in Ameliorating Protein Malnutrition in Nigeria
  173. Effect of Date Palm Seed Pod Ash and Eggshell Powder on the Physico-Mechanical Properties of Cement Blends
  174. Seed storability of malapari (Pongamia pinnata Merril)
  175. Heterogeneous Nucleation of Supersaturated Water Vapor onto Sub-10 nm Nanoplastic Particles
  176. Effects of Ultrasonic Seed Treatment on Rice Performances under the Seawater Irrigation
  177. Antifungal effect of essential oils on control of phytopathogens in stored soybean seeds
  178. Enhancement of root sulfur metabolic pathway by overexpression of OAS-TL3 to increase total soybean seed protein content
  179. Mitigating risks of hybrid rice use in slope agriculture
  180. Multiplex genome editing targeting soybean with ultra-low anti-nutritive oligosaccharides
  181. Differential effects of chloride salts on seed germination and seedling growth of Cistus monspeliensis: Towards revegetation of the Mediterranean salt-contaminated …
  182. Image-based seed phenotyping analysis in maize
  183. Experimental life history evolution results in sex-specific evolution of gene expression in seed beetles
  184. High efficient conversion of Cannabis sativa L. biomass into bioenergy by using green tungsten oxide nano-catalyst towards carbon neutrality
  185. The energy efficiency of Virginia fanpetals biomass production for solid biofuel
  186. Detection of maize seed germination rate based on improved locally linear embedding
  187. Enhanced gelling properties and hydration capacity of ginkgo seed proteins by genipin cross-linking
  188. Evidence that endosperm turgor pressure both promotes and restricts seed growth and size
  189. Effects of histone methylation modification on low temperature seed germination and growth of maize
  190. Promoting the New Superior Variety of National Hybrid Maize: Improve Farmer Satisfaction to Enhance Production
  191. Investigation of properties of Ta-doped Ga2O3 films prepared with seed layers
  192. Potato production in Bangladesh
  193. Self‐training maximum classifier discrepancy for EEG emotion recognition
  194. Physiochemical properties, antibacterial and antioxidant activities of Terminalia catappa seed oils from two extracting processes
  195. Micromorphological Characterization of Seeds of Dicot Angiosperms from the Thal Desert (Pakistan)
  196. Helium Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet Effects on Two Cultivars of Triticum aestivum L.
  197. Detection and molecular identification of dominant seed mycoflora associated with fennel cultivars
  198. Disinfestation of wheat seed from Sitophilus granarius (L.), S. oryzae (L.), and Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) by packing under vacuum in high-barrier multi-layered plastic …
  199. Microgravity Test of Autonomous Multiple Cycle Farming System
  200. Processing of alfalfa seeds by convective hot air drying, vacuum drying and germination: Proximate composition, techno-functional, thermal and structural properties …
  201. Energy Harvesting and Storage Devices through Intelligent Flexographic Technology: A Review Article
  202. Ecosafe Farming with Microbes
  203. Agricultural waste and natural dolomite for green production of aluminum composites
  204. Analysis of Two Stage Production Technology of Defatted Soybean Flakes
  205. Molecular Marker Assisted Breeding of a New Japonica Hybrid Rice ‘Shenyou28’with Good Quality and Disease Resistance
  206. Effects of Soil Electrical Conductivity and Physical Properties on Seeding Depth Maintenance and Winter Wheat Germination, Development and Productivity
  207. Impacts of seed-feeding beetles and their parasitoids on seed germination of Leucaena leucocephala and Senna multijuga (Fabaceae) in Brazil
  208. Trichosanthes kirilowii Maxim seed kernel oil: The optimization of ultrasound-assisted extraction and evaluation of its potential as a novel biodiesel feedstock
  209. Alternative sources of bioactive lipids: Challenges and perspectives (microalgae, plant seeds)