By Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil
Last modified on May 27th, 2019

Recommended Books of Data Structures

In this post, we will see a list of some famous books on formal methods in software engineering and Computer Science. 

S.NO Book Name Author Name
1 Data Structures and Algorithms: An Easy Introduction  Rudolph Russell
2 A Common-Sense Guide to Data Structures and Algorithms: Level Up Your Core Programming Skills Jay Wengrow
3 Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy: Data Structures and Algorithmic Puzzles, Fifth Edition Narasimha Karumanchi
4 Data Structures and Algorithms in Java (2nd Edition) Robert Lafore
5 Problem-Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures Using Python SECOND EDITION Bradley N. Miller and David L. Ranum
6 Introduction to Algorithms, 3rd Edition (The MIT Press) Thomas H. Cormen and Charles E. Leiserson
7 Computer Science Distilled: Learn the Art of Solving Computational Problems Wladston Ferreira Filho and Raimondo Pictet
8 Cracking the Coding Interview: 189 Programming Questions and Solutions Gayle Laakmann McDowell
9 Grokking Algorithms: An illustrated guide for programmers and other curious people  Aditya Bhargava
10 Data Structures: Abstraction and Design Using Java Elliot B. Koffman and Paul A. T. Wolfgang
11 Data Structures and Algorithms in Python  Michael T. Goodrich and Roberto Tamassia
14 Advanced Data Structures Peter Brass
15 Data Structures and Abstractions with Java (4th Edition)  Frank M. Carrano and Timothy M. Henry
16 Data Structures and Algorithms in Java Michael T. Goodrich and Roberto Tamassia
17 Complex Network Analysis in Python: Recognize – Construct – Visualize – Analyze – Interpret  Dmitry Zinoviev
19 Data Science Essentials in Python: Collect – Organize – Explore – Predict – Value (The Pragmatic Programmers) Dmitry Zinoviev
20 Data Structures and Algorithms in Java Michael T. Goodrich and Roberto Tamassia


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