Recommended Books of Introduction of Computing

Recommended Books of Introduction of Computing

In this post, we will see a list of some famous books on formal methods in software engineering and Computer Science. 

S.NOBook NameAuthor Name
1How to Design Programs: An Introduction to Programming and Computing (The MIT Press)Matthias Felleisen and Robert Bruce Findler
2Introduction to Computation and Programming Using Python: With Application to Understanding Data (The MIT Press John V. Guttag
3Introduction to Computing Systems: From Bits and Gates to C and Beyond Yale N. Patt and Sanjay J. Patel
4Introduction to Computing Using Python: An Application Development FocusLjubomir Perkovic
5Quantum Computing: A Gentle Introduction (Scientific and Engineering Computation) Eleanor G. Rieffel and Wolfgang H. Polak
6Introduction to Computing and Programming in Python (4th Edition) Mark J. Guzdial and Barbara Ericson
7Introduction to Evolutionary Computing (Natural Computing Series)A.E. Eiben and James E Smith
8Once Upon an Algorithm: How Stories Explain Computing (The MIT Press) Martin Erwig
9Computer Science Distilled: Learn the Art of Solving Computational Problems Wladston Ferreira Filho and Raimondo Pictet
10N/A N/A
11Introduction to Evolutionary Computing (Natural Computing Series) A.E. Eiben and J.E. Smith
14Introduction to Computing and Programming in Python, 4/eGuzdial Ericson
15Introduction to Probability and Statistics: Principles and Applications for Engineering and the Computing Science (International Edition) Edition: fourthJesse C Arnold
16CUDA for Engineers: An Introduction to High-Performance Parallel ComputingDuane Storti and Mete Yurtoglu
17An Introduction to Quantum Computing  Phillip Kaye and Raymond Laflamme
19Bits to Bitcoin: How Our Digital Stuff Works (The MIT Press) Mark Stuart Day and C.A. Jennings
20Machine Learning: A Journey from Beginner to Advanced Including Deep Learning, Scikit-learn and Tensorflow

Jul 20, 2018

 Michael B. White


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