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Pak Studies 9th Class Important Questions

BISE Lahore 9th Class Pakistan Studies Past paper 2023 Subjective Group 1
BISE Lahore 9th Class Pakistan Studies Past paper 2023 Subjective Group 1
9th-class-pakistan-studies-past-paper-2023-dg-khan board
9th-class-pakistan-studies-past-paper-2023-bise dg-khan board
past-paper-2023-dg-khan board 9th-class-pakistan-studies
9th-class-pakistan-studies-past-paper-2023-sahiwal board
sahiwal board 9th-class-pakistan-studies-past-paper-2023-
-pakistan-studies-past-paper-2023-sahiwal board 9th-class
9th-class-pakistan-studies-past-paper-2023-gujranwala board
gujranwala board 9th-class-pakistan-studies-past-paper-2023
bise gujranwala board 9th-class-pakistan-studies-past-paper-2023-
faisalabad board 9th-class-pakistan-studies-past-paper-2023
9th-class-pakistan-studies-past-paper-2023-faisalabad board
9th-class-pakistan-studies-past-paper-2023-bise faisalabad
bise faisal abad 9th-class-pakistan-studies-past-paper-2023
9th-class-pakistan-studies-past-paper-2023-multan board
9th-class-pakistan-studies-past-paper-2023-multan board
past-paper-2023-multan board 9th-class-pakistan-studies
pakistan-studies-past-paper-2023-multan board 9th-class
9th-class-pakistan-studies-past-paper-2023-lahore board
9th-class-pakistan-studies-past-paper-2023-bise lahore
pakistan-studies-9th-class- past-paper-2023-lahore board

Pak Studies

Class 9th

Objective (2021)

(1) M.A. school and college was established by:

(A) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

(B) Chaudhry Rahmat Ali

(C) Qazi Isa

(D) Mauivi Fazal-ul-Haq

(2) The ideology of Pakistan is based on:

(A) Collective system

(B) Two-Nation Theory

(C) Progressiveness

(D) Islamic Philosophy of Me

(3) ____ was established in 1906.

(A) Congress

(B) Muslim League

(C) Anjuman-i-Himayat-i-Islam

(D) Majlis-e-Ahrar

(4) Realizing the sensitivity of the circumstances. the city which was declared the capital of Pakistan by Quaid-e-Azam was:

(A) Islamabad

(B) Lahore

(C) Karachi

(D) Faisalabad

(5) India attacked Pakistan in:

(A) September 6, 1965

(B) August 10, 1965

(C) 18t December, 1985

(D) July 15, 1965

(6) Out of total area for the development of any country, the percentage of area for forestation should be:

(A) 10 %

(B) 18%

(C) 25 %

(D) 35 %

(7) is situated in the north of Pakistan.

(A) India

(B) Arabian Sea

(C) wan

(D) China

(8) Indus river originates from:

(A) Tibet

(B) Iran

(C) Afghanistan

(D) India

(9) In Arab society, before the advent of Islam in the age of ignorance, girl was:

(A) Burnt

(B) Vani

(C) Buried alive

(D) Respected

(10) The legal age of marriage of girts in Punjab is:

(A) 14 years

(B) 16 years

(C) 18 years

(D) 15 years


Subjective (2021)

Short Questions

  1. What is meant by “Aqeeda-e-Rissiat”?
  2. Who was the founder of Shuddhi Movement and what was the aim of this movement?
  3. What did Quaid-e-Azam say when he inaugurated the State Bank of Pakistan on 1st July, 19487
  4. Write two objectives of Aligarh Movement.
  5. What was the “Clause” in 3rd June plan 1947 about province Sindh and Baluchistan?
  6. Who were the Indian members in Punjab boundary commission constituted under the chairmanship of Radcliffe?
  7. Why did Quaid-e-Azam oppose Rowlatt Act 1919, declaring it unconstitutional?
  8. Write four effects of Pak India war 1965.
  9. When did Zulfigar All Bhutto and Sheikh Mujeeb-u-Rehman meet after 1970 elections and what was the air of this metting?
  10. Write names of any two glaciers located in Pakistan.
  11. How can the land pollution be decreased?
  12. Write briefly the importance of Central Asian Islamic countries for Pakistan.
  13. What is meant by environmental pollution?
  14. From which mountain range does Sutlei river originate and at which place it enters Punjab province?
  15. White the names of Eastern tributaries rivers of the river indus.
  16. Give briefly introduction of Sameena Baig.
  17. What Is meant by violence according to World Health Organization?
  18. What was the role of Fatima Sughra in the Pakistan Movement?

Long Questions

  1. Write down the fourteen points of Quaid-e-Azam.
  2. Write down the detail how the climate of Pakistan affects human life.
  3. Write notes on:

(i) Quaid-e-Azam and Ideology of Pakistan

(ii) Government efforts to address the issue of violence against women in Pakistan

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