Important Questions for 10th Pak Studies

Pak Studies

Class 10th

Objective (2022)

(1} World Trade Centre incident (9/11) happened:

(A) In 2001 AD

(B) In 2003 AD

(C) In 2005 AD

(D) In 2007 AD

(2) Elected as a president of Pakistan in Presidential election 1988:

(A) Fazat Elahi Chaudhry

(B) Ghulam Ishaq Khan

(C) Farooq Ahmad Khan Leghari

(D) Muhammad Rafiq Tarar

(3) The first country to recognize Pakistan was:

(A) Iran

(B) China

(C) Afghanistan

(D) America

(4) Islamic conference was founded in 1969 in city:

(A) Tehran

(B) Lahore

(C) Jeddah

(D) Rabat

(5) The capital of Bangladesh is:

(A) Callombo

(B) Mali

(C) Draka

(D) Chitagong

(6) The biggest barrage of Sind province on River Indus is:

(A) Sukhur Barrage

(B) Guddu Barrage

(C) Tounsa Barrage

(D) Chashma Barrage

(7) The Gawadar port area was bought by Pakistan from:

(A) Oman

(B) Iran

(C) Afghanistan

(D) China

(8) The Oil and Gas Development Company Limited

established in Pakistan:

(A) In 1960 AD

(B) In 1961 AD

{C) In 1962 AD

(D) In 1863 AD

(9) Famous poet of Pashto language is:

(A) Hazrat Khawaja Ghulam Farid(R.A)

(B) Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor

(C) Khushaal Khan Khattak

(D) Baba Bulhe Shah

(10) The number of tourists in Pakistan in 2019 was:

(A) About 40 million

(B) About 50 million

(C) About 60 million

(D) About 70 million


Subjective (2022)

Short Questions

  1. Which institutions were nationalized by Zulficiar Ali Bhutto?
  2. When and where General Zia-ul-Hag died in Airplane Crash?
  3. Write the third term duration of Nawaz Shari! Government.
  1. Write two educational reforms of PTI Government.
  2. Write names of any four tourists spots of Pakistan.
  3. Write two lines introduction of Islamic Republic of Iran.
  4. Write names of four member countries of European Union.
  5. What is the importance of sea routes and land routes of Pakistan?
  6. Write in two sentences role of Pakistan towards peace keeping in the world.
  7. Which two institutions were established for the economic progress in Pakistan?
  8. When and where did Quaid-e-Azam(RA) die?
  9. What is meant by gross domestic product?
  10. In which two countries was the Sindh Tas Agreement signed?
  11. What is meant by Secondary Education?
  12. Write two steps of government for the betterment of health department.
  13. In which areas of Pakistan Hindko language is spoken? (any two)
  14. Write the names of two Saraiki poets.
  15. What is the most important principle of all religions?

Long Questions

  1. Describe any eight key points of the Constitution of 1973.
  2. Write in detail about the Barrages and Canals on the River Indus and River Jehlum.
  3. Write notes on (i) Objectives of Pakistan’s Foreign Policy (ii) Punjabi Language


Objective (2022)

  1. First woman Head of State Bank of Pakistan was:

(A) Dr.Amna Ali

(B) Dr. Shamshad Akthar

(C) Dr. Maliha Lodhi

(D) Dr.Asma Chuhdry


  1. 33% of total members of district council is fixed for:






  1. World Trade Center incident occurred in:

(A) 6th September 2001 AD

(B) 8th September 2001 AD

(C) 10th September 2001 AD

(D) 11th September 2001 AD


  1. 16th Meeting of Heads “SAARC” was held in:

(A) 2009 AD

(B) 2010 AD

(C) 2011 AD

(D) 2012 AD


  1. Total annual production of cotton in 2018-19 was:

(A) 9.8 million bales

(B) 10.8 million bales

(C) 11.28 million bales

(D) 12.28 million bales


  1. Total exports of sports goods of Pakistan was:

(A) 200 million dollars

(B) 210 million dollars

(C) 215 million dollars

(D) 222 million dollars


  1. Urdu is Turkis word which means:


(B) Sword

(C) Arrow



  1. To finish Polio, compagin started on:

(A) 1983 AD

(B) 1982 AD

(C) 1985 AD

(D) 1984 AD


  1. First population census in subcontinent was held in:

(A) 1852 AD

(B) 1842 AD

(C) 1882 AD

(D) 1872 AD


  1. The first female pilot of Pakistan was:

(A)Benazir Bhutto

(B) Irfa Karim

(C)Shehraz Laghari

(D) Maryam Mukhtar



Subjective (2022)


Short Questions

  1. What is meant by local government?
  2. Write two duties of Union Council.
  3. Write two measures taken for women in Musharraf government.
  4. What is meant by Lahore Declaration?
  5. What is meant by Durand Line?
  6. Write two responsibilities of United Nation’s Economic and Social Council.
  7. Describe the introduction of Sri Lanka in tow lines.
  8. Write two objectives for establishing United Nations.
  9. Define the “Gender”.
  10. Write any four major imports of Pakistan.
  11. Write down the names of any four cottage industries.
  12. Write any two uses of Coal.
  13. What is meant by Karez?
  14. Write the names of any two major Hydro Electric Power Projects in Pakistan.
  15. Write down the names of any two Saraiki poets.
  16. What is meant by density of the population?
  17. Write down the four names of major folk tales in Punjabi language.
  18. Write any two suggestions to resolve health problems.

Long Questions

  1. Explain the efforts made for Islamization between 1977 to 1988 in Pakistan.
  2. Write any eight main problems associated with Pakistan’s agriculture.
  3. Write note on the following. (i) General Assembly (ii) Fairs and urses in Pakistan


Objective (2022)

(1) In South Asia, under which Act, the Viceroy Lord Rippon implemented the system of Local Government?

(A) 1884

(B) 1864

(C) 1874

(D) 1854

(2) Total number of Senate members are?

(A) 100

(B) 102

(C) 104

(D) 106

(3) Which country entered its forces in Afghanistan in 1979?

(A) America

(B) Russia

(C) Britain

(D) France

(4) The number of members of United Nations Economic and Social Council is ? (A) 34

(B) 44

(C) 54

(D) 84

(5) The oldest seaport of Pakistan is?

(A) Gawadar

(B) Pasni

(C) Bin Qasim  (D) Karachi

(6) The largest scheme for producing Hydro Electric Power In Pakistan is?

(A) Chan Brotha Project

(B) Mongla Dam

(C) Terbela Dam

(D) Warsek Dam

(7) What is meant by Economic Development?

(A) Increase in National income

(B) Increase in agricultural income

(C) Increase in employment

(D) Increase in Production and service sector

(8) Second Census in Pakistan was held in?

(A) 1951 AD

(B) 1961 AD

(C) 1972 AD

(D) 1981 AD

(9) The first Diwan of Urdu Ghazal was compiled by?

(A) Khawaja Mir Dard

(B) Mir Taqi Mir

(C) Mirza Muhammd Rafi Souda

(0) Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutab Shah

(10) In how many days, does the court settle the complaint of aggrieved woman?

(A) 70

(B) 80

(C) 90

(D) 100



Subjective (2022)

Short Questions

  1. Write down two positive impacts of Privatization.
  2. Write down two steps of Gen. Zia-ul-Haq for Islamization.
  3. Write any two agricultural reforms by Benazir Bhutto Government.
  4. Write any two responsibilities of Union Government.
  5. Why “Indus Water Treaty ” was signed?
  6. Write any two fundamental objectives of United Nations Organization.
  7. When and who imposed third Martial Law In Pakistan?
  8. Write two points on importance of the CPEC.
  9. Refer two examples on Women Violence in Society.
  10. Name four Important Products of Petrolem.
  11. How Professor Aurther Lewis define Economic Development.
  12. When was First five year plan announced and what was its volume?
  13. Narrate any two reasons of decrease in per acre production.
  14. When and which institution was established for development of mineral resources in Pakistan?
  15. Name any two famous poets of Pushto language.
  16. What is the number of Registered Doctors in Pakistan and what is the ratio between a doctor and persons?
  17. Name Important Canals of Chenab river.
  18. Define University Education.


Long Questions

  1. Describe in detail the Agricultural Reforms introduced during Bhutto regime.
  2. Narrate important Minerals in Pakistan, in detail.
  3. Write notes on the following. (i) Relations between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. (ii) Major Social Problems of Pakistan.


Objective (2022)

(1) held the office of the Prime Minister of Pakistan during the period 1985-1988:

(A) Muhammad Khan Junejo

(B) Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shard

(C) Mir Zafar Ullah Khan Jamali

(D) Shaukat Aziz

(2) The amendment in 1973 Constitution that enforced sanction on the members of assembly of floor crossing was:

(A) Eighth Amendment

(B) Thirteenth Amendment

(C) Fourteenth Amendment

(D) Eighteenth Amendment

(3) United Nations came into being on:

(A) 24th October, 1944

(B) 14th April, 1945

(C) 2nd May, 1945

(D) 24th October, 1945

(4) Connects Pakistan and China by land:

(A) Hindukush Highway

(B) Karakorum Highway

(C) Coastal Highway

(D) Mehran Highway

(5) The world’s largest Islamic Country by population is:

(A) Indonesia

(B) Bangladesh

(C) Afghanistan

(D) Saudi Arabia

(6) Islam Barrage has been constructed on :

(A) River Indus

(B) River Chenab

(C) River Ravi

(D) River Sutlej

(7) Government of Pakistan established the Planning and Development Board in :

(A) 1951AD

(B) 1952 AD

(C) 1953 AD

(D) 1954 AD

(8) The oldest port in Pakistan is:

(A) Karachi Port

(B) Muhammad Bin Qasim Port

(C) Gwadar Port

(D) Jiwani Port

(9) Total population of Pakistan according to population census of 2017 is approximately million.

(A) 201

(B) 203

(C) 205

(D) 207

(10) The founder of Sikh religion is

(A) Baba Guru Nanak Dev Ji

(B) Baba Arjun Das Dev Ji

(C) Baba Kuldeep Singh Dev Ji

(D) Baba Ram Singh Dev Ji



Subjective (2022)

Short Questions

  1. Write any two social reforms of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.
  2. What is significance of Motorway?
  3. When and between which two countries was Lahore declaration made?
  4. When and where Pakistan did Atomic blast?
  5. Write any two objectives of SAARC.
  6. Write names of tour Muslim Central Asian states.
  7. When and on which front the first war between Pakistan and India was fought? What was the background to the formation of OIC?
  8. What are the main economic activities of the people of Bhutan?
  9. Define economic development
  10. Which are perennial canals? Write the names of two important perennial canals. What is meant by Karez?
  11. How does the textile industry play the role Of backbone jin the economy of Pakistan.
  12. Write names of any two Punjabi poets.
  13. What is meant by primary and elementary education?
  14. Define the term “Culture”.
  15. Write the four responsibilities of pakistani people for the promotion of tourism. What is meant by population?
  16. Which subject has been introduced for the study of population?


Long Questions

  1. Describe in detail the industrial, economic, agricultural and social reforms introduced by Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf.
  2. Discuss water resources and existing irrigation system of Pakistan
  3. Write notes on the following. (i) Relations of Pakistan with Iran (ii) Punjabi Language


Objective (2022)

(1) The educational reforms were announced in 1972 by:

(A) Nawaz Shard

(B) Yahya Khan

(C) Zulfigar Ali Bhutto

(D) Muhammad Khan Jonejo

(2) Zia-ul-Haq became ruler in:

(A) 1977 AD

(B) 1978 AD

(C) 1979 AD

(D) 1980 AD

(3) The war between India and Pakistan was fought in:

(A) 1964 AD

(B) 1965 AD

(C) 1966 AD

(D) 1967 AD

(4) Number of countries included in R.C.D were:

(A) 2

(B) 3

(C) 4

(D) 5

(5) Afghanistan recognized in 1948:

(A) Iran

(B) China

(C) Pakistan

(D) India

(6) Per Person income increased in first five year plan:

(A) 2%

(B) 3%

(C) 4%

(D) 5%

(7) Duration of second economic decade was:

(A) 1958 to1968

(B) 1959 to1969

(C) 1960 to1970

(D) 1961 to1971

(8) Punjab agriculture college and research institute was established in:

(A) Lahore

(B) Rawalpindi

(C) Multan

(D) Faisalabad

(9) Twelve Rabil-ul-Awal is celebratedd as Islamic event:


(B) Shab-e-Barat

(C) Eid-ul-Fitr

(D) Milad-un-Nabi

(10) Every adult person’s requirement of energy is:

(A) 2350 calories

(B) 2360 calories

(C) 2370 calories

(D) 2380 calories


Subjective (2022)

Short Questions

  1. Write four main projects initiated by Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf Government.
  2. Write down two social reforms of General Pervez Musharraf’s Government.\
  3. Write any two economic reforms of Zulfigar Ali Bhutto’s Government.
  4. White any two agricultural reforms of Prime Minister Imran Khan.
  5. Why are Land and Sea routes of Pakistan important?Write names of four things which Pakistan exports to Bhutan.
  6. What role did Pakistan Play in the United Nations on Palestinian issue.
  7. Name four members of United Nations who have the right of Veto Power
  8. What services are being rendered by Japan International Cooperation Agency?
  9. What is meant by manpower? Who are included in manpower?
  10. Write four uses of Gypsum.
  11. How does the Defence Industry play an important role in
  12. the development of the country?
  13. Name four sources of irrigation in Pakistan.
  14. How balance can be created between population and resources?
  15. What is meant by Society?
  16. Write the names of four famous painters of Pakistan.
  17. Write the real name of Kashmiri poetess Hibba Khatoon with its meaning.
  18. Give four suggestions for solving educational problems of Pakistan.


Long Questions

  1. Write the important reforms enforced by Zulfigar Ali Bhutto’s era. (industrial, agricultural,educational and economic reforms)
  2. What are the main types of energy resources in Pakistan? Give suggestions to solve electricity problem in Pakistan.
  3. Write notes on the following:(i) Relation of Pakistan with China(ii) Sindhi Language

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