Journalism MCQs

Major source of revenue of the newspaper industry.

a) Government b) NGOs

c) Advertising d) None of these

Proximity is a:

a) News value b) Source of News

c) Editor’s choice d) None of these

Inverted pyramid is a:

a) Journalism term b) Advertising term

c) Reporter’s work d) None of these

Government is always interested to:

a) Free journalism b) Control journalism

c) Stop journalism d) None of these

Corrects grammar and expression in news stores

a) Chief Editor b) News reporter

c) Sub-editor d) None of these

Journalism creates in society.

a) National integrity b) Chaos

c) Confusion d) None of these

Who filters information in news story?

a) Sub-editor b) Newspaper

c) Managing editor d) None of these

8. Objectivity is core value of

a) Reporting b) Advertising

c) Editing d) None of these

A good news reporter always report an event

a) As it happens b) When it happens

c) As he likes d) None of these

The present day newspaper industry is experiencing

a) Censorship b) Financial challenges

c) Technological challenges d) None of these