Gender and Human Rights Past Papers


Subject: Gender and Human Rights

Time Allowed: 15 Minutes

Maximum Marks: 10

NOTE: Attempt this Paper on this Question Sheet only.  Please encircle the correct option. Division of marks is given in front of each question. This Paper will be collected back after expiry of time limit mentioned above.


Part-I Encircle the right answer, cutting and overwriting are not allowed. (10)

1. Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was adopted in:
(a) 1948
(b) 1950
(c) 1955
(d) 1945
2. UDHR was adopted by:
(a) World Bank
(b) IMF
(c) United Nation
(d) World Economic Forum
3. The United Nation charter sets out _______ main purposes.
(a) 6
(b) 10
(c) 4
(d) 2
4. UDHR has total _______ articles
(a) 15
(b) 30
(c) 25
(d) 10
5. CEDAW in its original document does not mention.
(a) Domestic Violence
(b) Rural Women
(c) Discrimination
(d) Equality
6. CEDAW was adopted by UN in:
(a) 1980
(b) 1975
(c) 1979
(d) 1970
7. Which document was adopted in Fourth World Conference on woman?
(b) Beijing Platform for Action
(c) Both A & B
(d) None of these
8. 12 critical areas of concern as identified in Fourth World Conference on women were:
(a) Women and Health
(b) Women and the Media
(c) Violence against women
(d) A, B & C
9. In Pakistan which document articles fundamental Human Rights?
(a) Constitution of Pakistan
(b) Pakistan Penal Code x
(c) Hudood Ordinance
(d) None of the above
10. CEDAW has total ________ articles.
(a) 20
(b) 30
(c) 30
(d) 40




Subject: Gender and Human Rights

Time Allowed: 2 Hours 45 Minutes

Maximum Marks: 50



Part-II Give short answers, each question carries equal marks. (20)

Q#1: Write down the definition and importance of Fundamental Human Rights.

Q#2: What UDHR says about Gender Equality?

Q#3: What is the role of “State Report” in monitoring and implementing Human Rights?

Q#4: Define discrimination with special reference to CEDAW.


Part-III Give detailed answers, each question carries equal marks. (30)

Q#1: Write a detailed note on the Fundamental rights in the constitution of Pakistan and their importance regarding Gender Equality.

Q#2: Write down the role of state and civil society in the protection of Human Rights.

Q#3: Draw a brief analysis of situation of Human Rights and its violations in Pakistan with special reference to women.