Example of Observations during Paper Vetting Process

Observations during Paper Vetting Process

The following faculty members are requested to study their respective observations, pointed out by the Exam Department of XYZ University. Kindly resolve the observations and submit the paper to the exams department immediately for further proceedings.

Sr. Faculty Name Course Code Course Name Observations Remarks
1. Ms. Elizabeth Olsen MGT-771 Strategic Marketing Planning Add one more question
2. Ms. Elizabeth Olsen MGT-772 Services Marketing Add atleast one more question
3. Ms. Elizabeth Olsen SSH-773 Professional Practices 1. Add a question related to project management.

2. Replace question no. 03 as the content of answer will be same as to Question No. 01.

4. Ms. Elizabeth Olsen MGT-780 Introduction to Marketing The paper does not cover all contents of intro to marketing course.
5. Ms. Elizabeth Olsen MGT-791 Sales Management The paper does not cover all contents of Sales Management
6. Ms. Elizabeth Olsen MGT-751 Entrepreneurship 1. Is question no. 04 a question or case study?

2. Only question 01  relates to the subject.

3. Question 02 is related to CSR or Business ethics.

4. Question 03 is more related to marketing rather than entrepreneurship.

7. Ms. Elizabeth Olsen MGT-741 Total Quality Management 1. The case is totally irrelevant to TQM.

2. Question 03(b) should be specific.

3. Communication & effective communication in question 04 is not part of TQM.

Change the question paper.
8. Ms. Adina MGT-700 Macro Economics The paper is lengthy and seems for BS(Eco.) students not for BBA, so be brief please.
9. Ms. Adina MGT-776 Production Operation Management 1. You must not use abbreviations in Question Paper

2. Lengthy paper as per given time

10. Ms. Adina MGT-711 Statistical Inference Paper is too short for final term. Every question should have two parts.
11. Ms. Adina MGT-767 Business Statistics I feel this paper is too basic
12. Ms. Adina MGT-768 Technical & Academic Writing 1. Question no. 01 should have maximum 04 marks.

2. Publisher name is not mentioned in Question no. 01(i)

3. Question no. 02 should also have maximum 04 marks.

4. Question no. 03 is irrelevant.

5. Add questions on

(i)-Report writing

(ii)-Components of report

(iii)-Comprehension passage from a technical report.

13. Mr. Robert MGT-769 Business Mathematics 1. The paper does not cover the syllabus

2. Too basic for undergraduate level

3. No maximum/minimum, critical values question.

14. Mr. Robert MGT-724 Introduction to Project Management 1. Question 02 is good.

2. You need to make case study for question 01.

3. Question 01 is quite obvious. Make It a little tricky.

15. Mr. Robert MGT-794 Introduction to Logic 1. Time allowed should be 03 hours with respect to questions.

2. There should be any simple questions so that average & below average students be able to pass the exams.

3. Otherwise OK to proceed.

Otherwise OK to proceed.
16. Mr. Robert SOS-731 Moral Foundation of Education 1. Question 03 & 04 is almost same & relevant.

2. There is no difficulty in the paper to analyze best & average students.

3. Otherwise OK to proceed.

Otherwise OK to proceed.
17. Mr. Robert MGT-732 Introduction to Management The objection written on this paper is not readable. Please visit Exam Dept. to check objection.
18. Mr. Robert MGT-726 Money & Banking 1. Only few chapters are included




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