Electromagnetism mcqs

Electromagnetism mcqs

1. spots are formed on screen having ,In cathode ray oscilloscope by…

A. anode

B. cathode

C. matrix

D. grid

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2. Quantity that is not affected by magnetic field …

A. moving charge

B. change in magnetic flux

C. current flowing in conductor

D. stationary charge

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3. Device used to measure potential difference between two points in volts called…

A. ohmmeter

B. odometer

C. ammeter

D. voltmeter

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4. When a charged particle moves at right angle to a magnetic field quantity that changes called…

A. momentum

B. speed

C. energy

D. moment of inertia

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5. Cathode ray oscilloscope displays graph of waveforms based on which of the following…

A. current

B. temperature

C. potential difference

D. voltage

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6. Magnetic field inside of a solenoid is…

A. zero

B. weak

C. uniform

D. non-uniform

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7. Magnetic field is set up in a region of having current carrying

A. rod

B. wire

C. blog

D. plate

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8. Electric instrument used to measure current in amperes is known as

A. odometer

B. voltmeter

C. ohm meter

D. ammeter

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9. When an electron is projected at right angle to uniform magnetic field then it will move along through.

A. helical path

B. circle

C. straight line

D. cube

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10. Moving charge experiences magnetic force because of ….

A. magnetic flux

B. magnetic field

C. magnetic current

D. none of above.

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11. In moving coil galvanometer, pole faces of U-shaped magnet are made concave wave…

A. to make the field radial

B. to increase the field

C. to weaken the field

D. both a and b

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12. In moving coil galvanometer, a soft iron cylinder is placed inside coil …

A. to make zero field

B. to make stronger field

C. to make galvanometer heavier

D. both a and b

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