Difference between gametophyte and sporophyte generation

Let me share with you a difference between gametophyte and sporophyte generation.

Aspect Gametophyte Sporophyte
Introduction Haploid phase in the plant life cycle that produces gametes. Diploid phase in the plant life cycle that produces spores.
Chromosome Number Haploid (n) Diploid (2n)
Develop from Spores or gametes Fusion of gametes (zygote)
Dominancy Dominant in bryophytes (mosses, liverworts) and some algae Dominant in vascular plants (ferns, gymnosperms, angiosperms)
Size and Structure Generally smaller and simpler in structure Typically, larger and more complex in structure
Reproductive Structures Produces gametangia that produce gametes. Produces sporangia that produce spores.
Sexual Reproduction Produces haploid gametes through mitosis. Fusion of gametes (fertilization) produces a diploid zygote, which develops into a sporophyte.
Asexual Reproduction ·        Fragmentation

·        Spore production

·        Spore production
Examples ·        Moss gametophyte

·        Fern prothallus

·        Fern sporophyte

·        Pine tree

·        Flowering plant

Significance Thought to be more ancestral in evolutionary terms. Represents a more advanced stage in plant evolution.