Comparison between Forming and maturing face of Golgi apparatus

Let me share with you a comparison between Forming and maturing face of Golgi apparatus.

Aspect Forming Face of Golgi Apparatus Maturing Face of Golgi Apparatus
Location Near the cis-Golgi network (proximal end) Near the trans-Golgi network (distal end)
Structure Stacks of cisternae are smaller and less compact Stacks of cisternae are larger and more compact
Surface Outer and convex Inner and concave
Role of enzymes Enzymes involved in glycosylation and initial modifications Enzymes involved in final modifications and sorting
Vesicle Formation Vesicles bud off to transport modified proteins to other organelles or the cell surface Vesicles bud off for transport to the plasma membrane or lysosomes
Function Initial glycosylation and addition of some functional groups Final glycosylation, processing and sorting of proteins
Membrane Trafficking Receives vesicles from the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) Sends vesicles to various cellular destinations
Maturity Stage Immature or early stage Mature or late stage