Comparison between Community and Ecosystem

Let me share with you a comparison between Community and Ecosystem.

Aspect        Community          Ecosystem
Definition An assembly of different populations of organisms living in the same geographical area and interacting with each other. A broader concept encompassing both the living (biotic) and non-living (abiotic) components of a particular area.
Components Consists of the different species of organisms that coexist in a specific habitat. Includes the community of organisms and the physical environment, such as soil, water, air, temperature and nutrients.
Focus Emphasizes the interactions and relationships among different species. Extends beyond species interactions to encompass interactions between organisms and their physical environment.
Interactions Includes predation, competition, mutualism, parasitism, and other ecological relationships among species. Encompasses species interactions as well as nutrient cycling, energy flows, and physical processes that shape the environment, such as weather and climate.