Comparison between Cell and Tissue

Let me share with you a comparison between Cell and Tissue.


Aspect               Cell                Tissue
Introduction ·        The basic structural and functional unit of all living organisms. ·        A group of similar cells organized to perform a specific function.
Size ·        Typically microscopic in cell ·        Larger in size that is visible to the naked eye.
Structure ·        Has a well-defined structure, including a nucleus and organelles. ·        Multiple cells

·        Extracellular matrix

·        Intercellular connections

Location ·        Found throughout the body ·        Tissues are found in specific regions or organs
Function ·        Carries out various cellular functions, such as metabolism, growth and reproduction. ·        Performs specialized functions within an organism, often as part of an organ system.
Examples ·        Red blood cells

·        Skin cells

·        Nerve cells

·        Muscle tissue

·        Nervous tissue

·        Epithelial tissue