Behavior Neuro Sciences Important Questions – Past Papers

Paper 1: Behavior Neuro Sciences – University Past Papers.

Time Allowed: 3 hours

Total Marks:    70, Passing Marks (35)

Q1: Mark the following statements as TRUE (T) or FALSE (F)

A: The CEREBELLUM is associated with balance [T/F]
B : GABA is a neurotransmitter [T/F]
C : FOURTH VENTRICAL is the cavity of HIND brain [T/F]
D: The spinal cord ends at level of disc between L1-L2 [T/F]
E: Neurons develop from ectoderm [T/F]
F : neurons are more abundant than glial cells in the brain [T/F]
G : The thalamus is a sensory relay station [T/F]
H : para-Sympathetic out flow is cranio-sacral [T/F]
I: sympathetic ganglia are found in the form of two chains [T/F]
J: serotonin is a neurotransmitter [T/F]
K: Sympathetic system has limited distribution in the body [T/F]
L: The hunger Center lies in Medulla oblangata [T/F]
M: Hypothalamus has a center for temperature regulation [T/F]
N: Asrtocytes are a type of bi-polar neuron [T/F]

Q2. Give an account of gross features and general functions of the spinal cord

Q3. What is the deference between Neuro-transmitter and Neuro-modulator? Write down the effects of DOPAMINE

Q4. What is meant by somatic nervous system? What are its important components? Briefly discuss the role of ACETYLCHOLINE in somatic nervous system.

Q4. What is meant by the Nerve Membrane potential?
Explain the difference between Action membrane potential and Resting membrane potential

Q5: Write an essay on Brian Tumors

Q6. Write short notes on the following:
a. Relationship of stress and aggression
b. Types of psychosis
c. Types of epilepsy

Paper 2: Behavior Neuro Sciences – University Past Papers.

Time Allowed: 3 hours

Total Marks:    70, Passing Marks (35)

Q1: Enlist all the parts of central nervous system? Briefly discuss the development of nervous system

Q2: Enumerate the types of Glial cells in the nervous system. Write a short account of the peripheral nervous system

Q3. Make a table of differences and similarities between SYMPATHETIC and PARASYMPATIC nervous system

Q4. Define Resting membrane potential. Explain how action potential is generated. Enumerate the effects of Dopamine in the body.

Q5. Define homeostasis? Discuss how food and drinking are regulated by the higher centers

Q6. Write an essay on “Stress and its responses in the body”

Q7. Write short notes on any two of the following neurological disorders

a. headache
b. epilepsy
c. types of brain tumors
d. psychosis.


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