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Fee: 8000/Month

Duration: 3 Months

How to Make Money Online as an Android Developer?

If you have a skill in android development, you will have a lot of opportunities to make money online without going anywhere for work. In this article, we are going to highlight the ways you can follow to earn money by developing androids.

  1. Sponsorships

Sponsorship is the best monetization option for making money. The apps owners and developers want to get revenue no matter what the experience of a user is. So, you can connect yourself with any brand and control the type of ads. In addition, you can know your visitors and decide what type of ads will be best for the target audience. There is also a chance to receive an email from the audience who want you to connect with them and become the sponsor of their product. So, the chances of success will increase for you.

  1. Advertisement

You can also make money through advertisements. Google offers an application named “Google AdMob”. Through this app, you can use ads on applications. AdMob only shows relevant ads to the target audience. Here, you can also use Facebook Audience Network. By using quality ads, innovative publisher tools, and high-value formats, you can grow your business by keeping people engaged.

  1. Selling virtual goods

Virtual goods are sold in online marketplace, communities, and games. You can see the model of revenue generation in social media platforms and online games. Virtual goods in online games include level up, life-saver, boost up, get unlimited resources, upgrade characters, win more prizes and rewards, and unlocking premium features. When the user wants to get something with curiosity and more features to play the game with utmost fun, he is ready to pay for it. So, this revenue generation model becomes the best opportunity for you to make a lot of money online.

  1. Physical services

As an android developer, you can also provide services as well and make a good amount of money. Those users who are busy with their routine work want to avail this type of service. If you can satisfy them with your service, they will surely pay you better and also trust in you. For instance, you can provide them with the cab service, electrician, plumber, delivery of food, a house or any other property listed for buy or rent in their desired area, and many more.

  1. Subscription

You can make money by developing an app on android and implementing a subscription on it. In this way, you can charge the users. The users who will purchase this app will be charged monthly or yearly. This is one of the great ways of monetization nowadays. Furthermore, if you want your users to keep their subscriptions prolonged, you can offer them more information and services. You must make changes and updates to your service. For this, you can hire creative people that can work on your app and make it better than before. in this way, you can increase your users by making them satisfied. You will also be able to earn more money in minimum time.

Course is available in these regions

Piplan, Mianwali, Wan Bhachran, Kamar Mushani, Isakhel, Trag, Shadia, Punjab, Namal, Yaru Khel, Rikhi, Paikhel, Chhidru, Mari, Punjab, Doaba, Mianwali, Muzafarpur Janubi, Kundian, Khaglan Wala, Thamewali, Musakhel, Punjab, Gujrat, Mianwali, Kallur, Punjab, Watta Khel, Tabisar, Vanjari, Punjab, Gulmiri, Daud Khel, Punjab, Khola at Khanqah Sirajia, Muzafarpur Shumali, Tola Bhangi Khel, Vichvin Bala, Qureshian, Tanikhel, Chakrala, Hernoli, Muzaffar Pur, Rokhri.

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