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Analysis of Capital Markets Previous Papers

Analysis of Capital Markets Previous Papers

Q.1.     Differentiate Capital Market from Money Market and also enlists names of five instruments of each type

of market. 

Q.2.     Who are major players of Capital Market in Pakistan? Enlist their names and elaborate their roles


Q.3.     What are the prospects of corporate bonds in Pakistan’s market? Give your arguments with examples.

Q.4.     Preferred Stockholders can also be called the special class of creditors, do you agree? Write your answer with examples.

Q.5.     Write a comprehensive note on the liquidity preference theory.

Q.6.     Do you think that Political Stability is a major determinant for Capital Market’s Stability, How? Give

your answer with an example.

Q.7.     Write short notes on any two of the followings:-

(i). Evolution of capital market in Pakistan.

(ii). The volatility of stock prices.

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