Analysis of Capital Markets Past Papers

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Analysis of Capital Markets Past Papers

Analysis of Capital Markets Past Papers
Analysis of Capital Markets Past Papers

Q.1.     Elaborate the term Capital Market and differentiate it from money market on the basis of examples of 03


Q.2.     Define the following terms in the most appropriate concise form.

(a). Bond. (b). Joint Stock Company. (c). Yield to maturity. (d). Liquidity. (e). Dividend.

Q.3.     Write a comprehensive note of major players of Capital Market in Pakistan.

Q.4.     Do you think that there are various challenges for corporate bonds in Pakistan’s market? Give your arguments in either case.

Q.5.     Differentiate between Preferred Stock & Common Stock on the basis of their salient features.

Q.6.     Write a comprehensive note on expectation theory.

Q.7.     Do you think that Political Stability is a major determinant for Capital Market’s Stability, How? Give

your answer with an example.

Q.8.     Write short notes on any two of the followings:-

(i). Evolution of capital market in Pakistan.

(ii). The impact of capital risks on the stock prices.

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