10 Lines on My House in English

Hello kids! I am your English teacher and today I will share a few lines on my house with you.


  1. Our home is very beautiful and nice.
  2. My room is my dream where I dream beautiful dreams.
  3. The door of our house is decorated beautifully.
  4. Small flowers in the garden behind the house are full of beauty.
  5. There is a small kitchen in the house where we cook.
  6. We have a small table in our house where we eat together.
  7. The roof of the house shines in the moonlight every night.
  8. My room is decorated with my favorite colors.
  9. Our house is always beautiful.
  10. Our home is full of love, where we experience joys and sorrows.


  1. My home is stunning and highly appealing.
  2. I adore my home so much.
  3. In my home, I have a room where I spend the night.
  4. Our home is illuminated in the mornings by a lovely kachak.
  5. Every night, the stunning roof of the mansion gleams in the moonlight.
  6. We have lovely gardens and a large house.
  7. Love abounds in my house for us.
  8. Our home smells wonderful in every nook.
  9. Small candles glow in our home at night.
  10. Our home’s roof is quite tall.
  11. Our home has something unique for cherished memories in each room.
  12. We welcome guests at our home at all times.
  13. The walls of our home are covered with family photos that serve as a constant reminder.
  14. Our walls are painted a different hue in each room.
  15. Our house is light-filled throughout.
  16. My home is loaded with unique beauty in every space.
  17. Our home is spotless at all times.
  18. My residence is surrounded by highways that lead to various locations.
  19. I live in a house with a tiny garden.
  20. My home is filled with many happy memories of my early years.



Topic Covered: A few important Lines on my house in English and these lines are best for learning activities for the students of Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4,  Class 5, Class 6, Class 7, Class 8, Class 9, and Class 10, Class 11th, Class 12th including length of 5 lines on  my house)