List of school competitions ideas

Schools organize a variety of competitions to explore their interests, showcase their talents and develop valuable skills. Let me share with you a list of different types of school competitions that are commonly organized in the school.

  1. Science Fair
  2. Spelling Bee
  3. Mathematics Olympiad
  4. Debate Competition
  5. Creative Writing Contest
  6. Robotics Competition
  7. Model United Nations (MUN)
  8. Art and Craft Competition
  9. Music Competition
  10. Drama or Theater Competition
  11. Coding or Programming Contest
  12. Public Speaking Contest
  13. Sports Competitions
  14. Chess Tournament
  15. Geography Bee
  16. Essay Writing Competition
  17. Coding or Hackathon Events
  18. Mock Trial
  19. Environmental Sustainability Challenge

Science Fair

Aspect Description
Name of competition Science Fair
Main objective Showcase scientific curiosity, experimentation and understanding of scientific principles.
Project proposal Students submit a proposal outlining their research question, hypothesis, methodology and expected results.
Research paper Participants write a research paper summarizing their project, including background, methods, results, and conclusion.
Poster presentation Students create a visually appealing poster summarizing their project, with key sections such as Purpose, Methods, Results, and Conclusion.
Judging criteria Judges assess projects based on scientific method, creativity, presentation and understanding of the subject matter.
Prizes and recognition Awards for various categories such as Best Overall Project, Best Presentation, Most Creative, etc.
Community involvement Encourage involvement from parents, teachers and local scientists who may serve as judges or mentors.
Impact on education Promotes hands-on learning, critical thinking and scientific inquiry skills.




·        Investigating the Effects of Different Soil Types on Plant Growth.

·        Building a Simple Electric Circuit and Analyzing Voltage.

·        Studying the Impact of Erosion on Coastal Areas.

·        Designing an Eco-Friendly Water Purification System.


Spelling Bee Competition:


Aspect Description
Name of competition Spelling Bee
Objective Promote language skills, vocabulary and spelling accuracy.
Word selection Words are chosen from predetermined lists, often based on grade-appropriate spelling standards.
Judging criteria Judges assess participants based on correct spelling, pronunciation, and understanding of word meanings.
Community involvement Encourage parents and teachers to attend the event.
Educational value Enhances spelling and vocabulary skills, fosters a love for language and promotes healthy competition.
Examples of words ·        Ambiguous

·        Exaggerate

·        Miscellaneous

·        Idiosyncrasy

·        Xanthosis

·        Obfuscate


Mathematics Olympiad



Aspect Description
Name of competition Mathematics Olympiad
Objective Promote mathematical problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, and mathematical creativity.
Judging criteria Judges assess participants based on the correctness of solutions, clarity of explanations and creativity in problem-solving.
Community Involvement ·        Invite math professors, or professionals to serve as judges.

·        Encourage parents to attend and support participants.

Examples of Problems ·        Solve for x in 3+5=2(−1)3x+5=2(x−1)

·        Prove the Pythagorean Theorem

·        Find the prime factorization of 144

·        Count the number of ways to arrange a set of objects.


Debate Competition



Aspect Description
Name of competition Debate Competition
Objective Develops public speaking, critical thinking and communication skills.
Judging criteria Judges assess participants based on clarity of argumentation, use of evidence, logical reasoning and overall skills.
Community involvement Invite faculty, local experts, or professionals to serve as judges. Encourage parents and peers to attend and support participants.
Educational value Develops the ability to articulate and defend one’s viewpoint.

Robotics Competition


Aspect Description
Name of competition Robotics Competition
Introduction A competition in which different teams design, build and program robots to compete against each other in a specific set of tasks.









·        VEX Robotics Competition: Teams use VEX kits to build and program robots for games on a square field.

·        RoboCup: It is an international competition focused on soccer. Teams design autonomous robots that play soccer matches against each other.

·        Botball: An educational program where teams design and build autonomous robots to compete in a game-based competition.

·        RoboMaster: It involves university teams building robots for a battle-style game.

·        RoboCupJunior: A subcategory of RoboCup, which is designed for younger participants and includes challenges in various robotics-related disciplines.

·        DARPA Robotics Challenge: A competition organized by DARPA, focusing on disaster response robots.




Creative Writing Contest



Aspect Description
Name of competition Creative writing contest





·        School Poetry Contest

A contest focused on poetry where students can submit original poems for evaluation.

·        Short Story Competition

Students submit original short stories, fostering creativity and storytelling skills.

·        Essay Writing Contest

An opportunity for students to express their thoughts and opinions through essays.


Art and Craft Competition

Aspect Description
Name of competition Art and Craft Competition
Introduction A competition that encourages students to showcase their creative talents and skills in various visual arts and crafts
















·        Drawing and Painting Contest

Students showcase their skills in drawing and painting.

·        Sculpture and 3D Art Challenge

Focuses on creating three-dimensional artworks using various materials.

·        Crafting and DIY Project Contest

Encourages students to create handmade items through do-it-yourself projects.

·        Collage and Mixed Media Competition

Involves combining different materials and techniques to create mixed media artworks.

·        Poster Design Challenge

Students design posters to convey specific messages.

·        Ceramics and Pottery Competition

Students explore the art of ceramics, creating pottery through techniques such as wheel throwing or hand-building.

·        Textile Art and Fiber Arts Contest

Focuses on textile arts, including fabric-based creations such as embroidery, weaving and textile collage.

·        Digital Art and Graphic Design Challenge

Students use digital tools to create artworks, including graphic design, digital painting and illustration.