10 Lines on My Best Friend in English

Hello kids! I am your English teacher and today I will share a few lines on my best friend with you.


  1. My best friend is very special to me.
  2. My best friend name is Ali and we play together all the time.
  3. My best friend listens to everything which I say.
  4. Ali also listens to interesting stories with me and we spend beautiful moments together.
  5. Her beautiful smile always makes my heart so happy.
  6. My best friend helps me at every opportunity.
  7. We both have had many delicious dreams together and are good friends.
  8. With Ali’s help, my things are always safe and he believes in my truth.
  9. My best friend encourages me and is with me in my troubles.
  10. Ali is my best friend and precious to me.




  1. My best friend is named Ali and is always with me.
  2. Her beautiful smile always brings light to my life.
  3. Our friendship is strong and touching.
  4. Ali listens to everything I say and joins in my dreams.
  5. Always spending time with each other makes our friendship stronger.
  6. Ali is always with me in my sorrows and helps me.
  7. He encourages me and supports me in every difficulty.
  8. My best friend is the reason of happiness in my life.
  9. We have made many memories together that will be cherished forever.
  10. He always has time for me and always helps me with my problems.
  11. Our shared interests and hobbies make my life colorful.
  12. Every day I have with Ali is new and delicious.
  13. He listens to my words and always digests me.
  14. We both have mutual respect and love in our friendship.
  15. Ali is with me in my difficulties and solves problems with me.
  16. Beautiful moments are created with him in every season and we play together in the snowfield.
  17. My best friend is the keeper of my dreams and fairies and a part of my stories.
  18. Our partner brings me joy at every opportunity and is always there for me.
  19. Dreaming a new dream every day with Ali makes me happy.
  20. My best friend is an important and precious support for me which is not lacking in value.

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