Past Papers of Computer Architecture

Course Title : Computer Architecture

Course Code:
Discipline /Program : BSCS (6th)

Total Marks : 30
Time allowed : 2:00 Hours

Instructor’s Name(s): 

Question 01: (5 Marks)
Consider a system with 2-level caches. Access time of level-1 and level-2 and main memory are 2ns, 12ns and 500ns. Hit
ration of level-1 and level-2 are 0.8 and 1.2 respectively. What is average access time for system within cache for both
ignoring search time and without ignoring search time?
Question 02: (5 Marks)
List and elaborate the main causes of misses? Briefly explain what are the basic cache performance measure parameters?
Question 03: (5 Marks)
What is mapping? Explain the differences among direct mapping and associative mapping with the help of suitable
Question 04: (5 Marks)
What is internal memory organization? How we organize main memory of size 4GB with cache size of 64MB. How much
address lines are required to represent the size of main memory and data lines to access the data?
Question 05: (5 Marks)
Draw and explain the instruction cycle state diagram that includes interrupt cycle processing.
Question 06: (5 Marks)
Differentiate between the following:
a) Sequential access and random access
b) Temporal and spatial locality
c) Access time and memory cycle time
d) Dedicate and multiplexed bus design
e) Centralized and distributed bus arbitration

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