KPPSC Tehsildar Naib Tehsildar MCQs 2020 Past Papers

KPPSC Tehsildar Naib Tehsildar MCQs 2020 Past Papers.

  1. Kyat is the currency of?
  2. Kathmandu is the cap of?
  3. The continent with low population other than Antarctica is?
  4. The Seikan Tunnel is famous for?
  5. Capital of Bolivia is?
  6. Nicaragua is distinguished in US as?
  7. Nearest Meaning of spurious?
  8. The first man to step on the moon?
  9. To bear in mind means?
  10. Intifada means ?
  11. Capital of Ukraine?
  12. Headquarters of arab league?
  13. By leaps and bounds means?
  14. To flog a dead horse means?
  15. To turn corner means?
  16. One who solves disputes is called?
  17. One who is talkative is called?
  18. The national council is the parliament of?
  19. Bangladesh parliament is called?
  20. A state which pays less tax than the other is called?
  21. Which country has the highest GDP per capita?
  22. The most opposite of exotic?
  23. The Most opposite of haughty?
  24. The Most opposite of commend?
  25. The Most opposite of blatant?
  26. The Most opposite of vigour?
  27. The Most opposite of obsolete?
  28. The Most opposite of mitigate?
  29. The Nearest Meaning of callous?
  30. The Nearest Meaning of felicity?
  31. The Nearest Meaning of odious?
  32. The Nearest Meaning of appeasing?
  33. The Nearest Meaning of morose?
  34. The Nearest Meaning of accomplice?
  35. Which country appears as a long shoe on map?
  36. Which ship accident was the worst acc?
  37. Capital of Figi?
  38. Ankara is the new name of?
  39. A country with highest life expectant rate?
  40. A country with the largest crud oil resources?
  41. A country with the largest natural gas resources?
  42. Kargil is situated at?
  43. The line in Kashmir is called? Between Azad and Jammu Kashmir
  44. Durand line was established by Durand and.?
  45. The great wall is famous for?
  46. No of SEATO members?
  47. A recent member of ASEAN?
  48. Belgrade is the capital of?
  49. Euro is the currency of? Malta, Germany, Finland, all?