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Difference between Food chain and Food web


Let me share with you a difference between Food chain and Food web.


Aspect Food Chain Food Web
Introduction A linear sequence of organisms, each dependent on the next as a source of food. A complex network of interconnected food chains in an ecosystem.
Structure Typically consists of three or more trophic (feeding) levels Involves multiple interconnected food chains
Linearity Unidirectional flow of energy and nutrients. Can have multidirectional and interconnected flows of energy and nutrients.
Complexity Simple and straightforward. More complex
Stability Vulnerable to disruptions and environmental changes More resilient to environmental changes
Trophic Levels ·        Producers

·        Primary consumers

·        Secondary consumers

·        Primary producers

·        Primary consumers

·        Secondary consumers

·        Tertiary consumers

·        Decomposers.

Example Grass → Rabbit → Fox ·        Grass → Rabbit → Fox

·        Grasshopper → Frog → Snake

·        Insects → Birds → Hawk

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