Comparison between Global Warming and Greenhouse Effect

Let me share with you a comparison between Global Warming and Greenhouse Effect.


Aspect    Global Warming Greenhouse Effect
Introduction Global warming is the long-term heating of Earth’s surface due to human activities. The process through which heat is trapped near Earth’s surface by substances known as ‘greenhouse gases.
Caused by ·        CO2

·        CH4

·        N2O

·        Water vapors

·        CO2

·        CH4

Human Influence Human activities significantly contribute to the increase in greenhouse gases. Human activities have amplified the natural greenhouse effect by releasing additional greenhouse gases.
Temperature Impact Long-term increase in global temperature Greenhouse effect helps to maintain Earth’s temperature to a suitable level
Significant effect ·        Melting of polar ice caps

·        Rising of sea levels

·        Extreme weather patterns, shifts in ecosystems, and disruptions in climate patterns.

·        Without the greenhouse effect, the Earth would be too cold to support life.
Mitigation Strategies ·        Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

·        Transitioning to renewable energy sources and increasing energy efficiency.

·        Not applicable, as it is a natural process.