Past Guess Paper of Applied Cataloguing.

Past Guess Paper of Applied Cataloguing.

Guess Paper 1 : Applied Cataloguing

University Name – Confidential

NOTE: Q.1 is compulsory, attempt any four questions from the remaining. All questions carry equal marks. Phones and other Electronic Gadgets are not allowed.

Paper : Applied Cataloguing

Time Allowed: 3 hours

Examination:   Final, Fall – 2020

Total Marks:    70, Passing Marks (35)

Q.1      (Fill in the blanks, True False)

  • In the —– century B.C, the important libraries in mesopotania had author and title catalogue.
  • In 1595 nomenclature of L——-University appeared.
  • —— was the first library catalogue, a catalogue of books and Scrolls.
  • Library association London “catalogue Rules” published in ——.
  • In —– AACR was published only in loose- leaf format.
  • ——— is like a key to the resources of the library.
  • The first known catalogue was found engraved on the walls of the library of — in Egypt.

(b) T/F      

(i) Library of congress “supplementary Rules on cataloguing” published in 1905. T/F

(ii)S.R Ranaganathan, “Dictionary catalogue code”, published in 1943. T/F

(iii) ALA “catalogue Rules for Author, titles enters, “published in 1949. T/F

(iv)  MARC is the acronym for machine –Readable Cataloguing Rules, T/F

(v) MARC becomes USMARC in the 1980s and MARC 21 in the title 1990s. T/F

(vi) ISBD was developed by the IFLA in 1975. T/F

(vii) Sheaf form is a type of catalogue prepared on paper slips. T/F

Q2. Define catalog and enlist the main MARC 21 fields.

Q3. What do you mean by multipart works in AACR2? Discuss

Q4.  What are rules in AACR2 for Headings for persons?

Q5. Discuss the rules for Uniform titles in AACR2.

Q6. Draw a comprehensive note on Metadata standards.

Q7. Discuss in detail copying cataloguing.

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