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Application of PHC Program Past Papers

Application of PHC Program Past Papers

Application of PHC Program Past Papers

Q.1                  Health for All and PHC was a practical approach to fight mortality and morbidity at

               one end and to promote healthful living at the other.

               Write down the history of this program in detail with Pakistan’s prospective.     (14)  

Q.2                  Millennium declaration 2000 under umbrella of UNO ended on 31st Dec 2015.

               This declaration started with a vision to focus on 8 goals.

  1. Enlist all MDGs    (4)
  2. Compare health related MDGs with present indicators of Pakistan

     and comment.        (6)

  1. Write a note on SDGs?  (4)       

Q.3                  a.         Define disaster. What are various types of disasters?         (4)        

  1. Describe public health consequences of disasters.  (6)
  2. Explain disaster cycle.  (4)  

Q.4                  Stress is taken a shape of an epidemic.

               Define stress. What are various stressors? Describe its management.    (14)      

Q.5                  Define mental health. Describe epidemiology of mental illness in detail?  (14)

Q.6                  “Life style management can lead to wellness”. Comment with examples.  (14)                                            

Q.7      .           a.         Define Primary Health Care (PHC).         (3)                                        

  1. Enumerate its principles. Explain any one.  (5)                                                               
  2.          Enumerate components of PHC.    (6)  

Q.8                  Write note on:-

  1. District health system of Pakistan   (6)             
  2.    Regional offices of W.H.O      (5)       
  3. GOBI – FFF       (3)
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