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Anatomy 1 Previous Papers

Anatomy 1 Previous Papers

Q1:      Differentiate between the Axial skeleton and Appendicular skeleton? Enumerate the names of individual bones of the skull. Write down the functions vertebrae?

Q2:      What is the difference between Muscles, Tendon and Fascia? Give examples from each one. Write down the functions of the diaphragm?

Q3:      Enlist the functions of Lungs. Compare the features of Pulmonary respiration and Tissue respiration in a tabular form.

Q4:      Enumerate the salivary glands and write down the chemical actions of saliva. Briefly explain the anatomical position and functions of Liver and Gallbladder

Q5:      Discuss the functions of kidneys in detail. Explain the anatomical structure of the urinary bladder.

Q6:      Describe the gross features of the human heart. What is portal circulation?

Q7:      Write short notes on any TWO the following:

  1. Fibrous Joints
  2. Structure of Nephron
  3. Gross features of Trachea
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