Alternate Dispute Resolution Solved MCQs

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Alternate Dispute Resolution Solved MCQs

Here, we are sharing very important “Alternate Dispute Resolution Solved MCQs”.

1. Which one of the following is not part of the four correct methods of ADR.?

A. Legislation
B. Mediation
C. Conciliation
D. Negotiation
E. Arbitration

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2. What are the correct advantages of Negotiation law?

A. Cheap Process
B. It’s Quick
C. Might not come to a decision
D. Lack of certainty
E. Both A & B

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3. Cost of Mediation services is?

A. £50 – £100 a day
B. 1600 – £2000 a day
C. £500 – £700 a day£
D. £1000 – £1500 a day

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4. Mention the similarity with mediation and conciliation in…

A. both use a messenger
B. is the same
C. sound the same
D. none of these

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5. Roles of an arbitrator is…

A. Acts like a judge
B. Sit and talk
C. Acts like a police officer
D. Acts like a jury

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6. ADR stand for___________.

A. Alternative desperate resolution
B. Alternative dispute resolution
C. Alternative dispute resolution
D. None of the above

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7. What are the correct disadvantages of Arbitration is…?

A. Fees expensive
B. Legal point
C. Flexible
D. Both A and B
E. None of these

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8. Mention that which one of the following is the ADR methods have a person that decides the dispute?

A. Fact-finding
B. Mediation
C. Conciliation
D. Arbitration

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9. What is the benefit of ADR is…

A. prevents appeals.
B. saves time
C. costs more money.
D. is not always binding.

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10. A court must have subject matter and _________ jurisdiction when properly hear a case.

A. exclusive
B. in personam
C. in rem
D. quasi in rem
E. none of these

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11. What the party disputes the jurisdiction of the court, they can make a _________ before said court.

A. special appearance
B. appeal
C. request
D. complaint
D. none of these

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12. ________ jurisdiction of Inferior trial courts is used…

A. special
B. appellate
C. general
D. limited
E. all of these

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