Agriculture in Pakistan Past Papers

Agriculture in Pakistan Past Papers

Agriculture in Pakistan Past Papers
Agriculture in Pakistan Past Papers

Q.1      Encircle the correct answer:

  1. ………….and …………. cultivation is considered the oldest crops of Pakistan.
    1. (Barley and wheat), b (Rice and Cotton) c (Mango and Banana)
  2. Sophisticated irrigation and water storage systems were developed in the……, including artificial reservoirs.
    1. (Indus Valley Civilization), b. (Gandahara Civilization) c. ( Huns)
  3. Pakistan is one of the world’s largest producers and suppliers of the………….
    1. (wheat and onion), b. (Cotton and Apricot), c. (Mango and Date Palm)
  4. Pakistan is Asia’s largest……………
    1. (Camel), b. (Beef), c. (Mutton)
  5. About only ……….. of land in Pakistan is covered with forest.
    1. (4%), b. (6.5%), c. (10%)

      Please Tick √ True or False:

  1. The first attempts at land reform in Pakistan occurred under Ayub Khan’s government.
  2. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is a rich province in agriculture.
  3. Pakistan is self-sufficient in Steel industry
  4. Pakistan is one of the largest producers of pet animals
  5. The crops of Baluchistan are mostly damaged because of salinity in soil

Q.2)     “ Soil has an important role in crops production.”  Explain giving examples of different types of soil.

Q.3)     Explain the effects of technological advancement on the agriculture sector in Pakistan

Q.4)     Write a detailed note on the main branches of agriculture and their importance.

Q.5)     Citrus and Mango production can enable the economy of Pakistan to improve. Do you agree? please

discuss in detail

Q.6)     Highlight the problems related to the production of rice and cotton crops in Pakistan

Q.7)     Write short notes on any two of the following

  1. a) Tobacco as a cash crop
  2. b) Problems in the irrigation system of Pakistan
  3. c) Plant protection measures in Pakistan
  4. d) Billion tree tsunami campaign of KP government