9th Class Computer Science Past Papers 2023 Objective Gujranwala Board, Pakistan

Computer Science Exam

Time: 15 Minutes

Ninth Class, 2023 – Gujranwala Board

Objective Section

Group –
Marks: 10

You have four choices for each objective type question as A, B, C, and D. The choice which you think is correct, fill that circle in front of that question number. Use a marker or pencil to fill the circles. Cutting or filling of two or more circles will result in zero marks in that question. Attempt as many questions as given in the objective type question paper and leave others blank.

  1. Which is the singular tag?
    A. <html>
    B. <p>
    C. <br>
    D. <title>
  2. Which of the following does not include in types of software piracy?
    • A. Soft lifting
    • B. liability
    • C. client server over use
    • D. Online Piracy
  3. Routing is the process of taking data from one device and sending it to another device in different ____.
    • A. Channel
    • B. Network
    • C. Path
    • D. Area
  4. The symbol of the flow chart used to either start or end the flow chart is:
    • A. Terminal
    • B. Process
    • C. Decision
    • D. connector
  5. A Petabyte is equal to how many Bytes?
    • A. (1024)4
    • B. (1024)6
    • C. (1024)5
    • D. (1024)7
  6. The receiver must be capable of accepting?
    • A. message
    • B. Address
    • C. Information
    • D. protocol
  7. A hyperlink can be applied to:
    • A. Image
    • B. text
    • C. Both (A) and (B)
    • D. None of the above
  8. Caesar cipher was basically:
    • A. Shopkeeper
    • B. Businessman
    • C. Doctor
    • D. Politician m and Military General
  9. To check logical errors in an algorithm, we use:
    • A. Turn table
    • B. Trade table
    • C. Simple table
    • D. Flow table
  10. In the hexadecimal number system, “12” is equal to:
    • A. B
    • B. D
    • C. C
    • D. A

Computer Science Ninth Class, 2023 – Gujranwala Board

Time: 1.45 hours, 1 Subjective

Total marks: 40

Question# 2 – Marks: 2*4=8 marks

Write short answers to any four questions.

  1. Write down the names of 5Ws.
  2. Define the strategy “Divide and Conquer.”
  3. Define Flow chart.
  4. What is meant by decision making?
  5. HTML stands for which?
  6. What is the difference between paired tags and singular tags?


Question# 3 – Marks: 2*4=8 marks

Write short answers to any four questions.

  1. Give four examples of storage devices.
  2. Write down the truth table of AND operator.
  3. Write the methods to Convert the decimal number into binary.
  4. Convert (156)10 into binary.
  5. Define sabotag.
  6. What is hacking?

Question# 4 – Marks: 2*4=8 marks

  1. Which protocol do we use for e-mail?
  2. Define data communication.
  3. How does a web server work?
  4. Define a client.
  5. Define the body section.
  6. Write the output of the following HTML code:


Marks: 8*3=24 marks

Question# 5 What is meant by planning a solution, and write down any 3 strategies.

Question# 6 What is meant by star topology and how it works?

Question# 7 Describe the aspects according to which we want to secure our data.